With the success of Unify’s third year of camping, heavy music, drinking and bringing everyone from all around Australia together, we have been blessed by the festival once again, for another killer start of the year to come in the next couple of months! For 2017, we saw Alexisonfire, Every Time I Die, letlive., Northlane and many more take on the Tarwin Meadows stage, along with the epic and earth-shattering return of CJ McMahon with Thy Art is Murder. And now, Unify have welcomed back Parkway Drive and Amity Affliction to headline both nights, along with some very special international guests, and new, up and coming local acts to complete the bill. If you’re feeling entirely convinced to come and tear shit up at Unify 2018, we at Overdrive have got five reasons why you should reconsider and understand why this is Unify’s biggest one, to date!

Parkway Drive and Four Year Strong are each celebrating one of their albums at Unify!

It’s true! Our very own fearless leaders of heavy music Parkway Drive will not only return to headline Unify 2018, but they will also be performing in celebration of ten years of their iconic Horizons record, and Massachusetts’ pop punk sensations Four Year Strong will be popping their Unify cherry by playing Rise or Die Trying from start to finish, as well. Both of which, were coincidentally, released the same year in 2007, and were both the bands’ second albums. Whether you’re get lost in the moment and scream to Carrion or sing Maniac (R.O.D) to the top of the world, there’s no doubt it’s going to be one hell of a time for both of these fantastic bands!

This will be The Amity Affliction’s 15th anniversary set!

Post-hardcore heroes The Amity Affliction have been at it since 2003, and next year’s lineup will mark their fifteenth anniversary. With them being Unify’s first headlining band of the festival’s entire active span, this is quite a big deal for not just Amity, but those that have been responsible for Australia’s leading heavy music festival. Expect plenty of big singalongs to go down with tracks such as I Hate Hartley, Don’t Lean on Me, Chasing Ghosts and many more! Plus, who knows what Amity Affliction will be bringing to the stage for this momentous occasion?

More international acts have joined the bill!

Unify have invited Stick To Your Guns, Four Year Strong, Being As An Ocean, Knuckle Puck, ROAM, and Architects (exclusively to Unify) to party and get to know how shit goes down at the Gippsland’s choice of land for the annual, heavy ritual that takes place. While many of these bands have had their taste of the Australian spirit, this will be their first ever experience to perform at Unify.

You and five friends can have the ultimate Unify experience and can stay in a house!

For $6,500 (That’s little less than $1100 per person), you can have a house with six rooms to yourselves up near the beach in Venus Bay, ten minutes away from the festival grounds. Not only that, the $6,500 package also includes VIP bar access, early access to the arena, a backstage photo, a Unify 2018 skateboard and hoodie, Unify 2018 tie-dye shirt, a stubby holder, an A2 Unify poster and $5 of the package will be donated to Wildlife Victoria. There are also other VIP packages valued at $150 and $300 available online.

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Unify have supplied many more features for the festival!

While alcohol, bands, food and camping are the key features of Unify, the crew behind this magnificent festival have been supplied with special, eco-friendly tents called Kartent. The Kartents hold up to two people, it’s waterproof, it comes with two foam mats, sleeping bags, pillows and an LED light, and by the time you arrive, it will already be set up for you the minute you step into the camping grounds!

Not only that, Unify have a new section of the festival called “The Sanctuary”. The Sanctuary is an alcohol-free part of the campsite where people have extra peace and quiet when the need arises, for those who need a bit more additional breathing space in order recharge themselves for the next day.

For the fellow Melbournians that are having trouble getting to Unify, the fantastic people at Banana Bus have you covered! The Banana Bus is an $80 (per person, plus returns) bus ride that will pick you up in fifteen different locations across Melbourne, including Ringwood, Clifton Hill, St Kilda, and more!

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So, seeing as we’ve covered what we needed to here, hopefully we at Overdrive, and everyone at Unify will be seeing you down there to party, sink down some beers, go apeshit in the moshpit, meet some new people, make friends with your camping neighbours, and more importantly, have one hell of a killer time all the way through this annual gathering of heavy music fans! Be sure to get your tickets very soon, because it’s guaranteed to sell out, and for the fourth time in a row!

For more information and tickets, go to unifygathering.com

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