As Paradise Falls have been making a pretty big name of themselves in the last few years since their inception. With the band’s latest effort given to the world under the title Digital Ritual, As Paradise Falls announced a small tour across Australia’s capital cities between late August and early September. Luckily, I managed to catch the Brisbanian up-and-comers to see what they had to give to those at Melbourne’s well-renowned BANG event at the Royal Melbourne Hotel.

Dimensions began with a small crowd, but also with a sturdy presence. The Sydney-based five-piece brought nothing but deep, plummeting breakdowns and plenty of harmonic components to their five-track setlist. While this being their first time ever performing to a Melbournian audience, there was no hesitation in bringing their all to a small, early number of guests arriving at BANG for a good night. Dimensions would do whatever they could to bring people closer to share their twenty-minute momentum, and they would do it in style with some potential hidden up their sleeves with tracks such as ‘Daylight,’ ‘Paralysis’ and ‘Dreamer.’ With that being said, Dimensions have yet to unlock their real prospects. However, it’s quite transparent to see that they’re going to be able to “wow” their Australian followers in the future.

With the number of patrons increasing slowly as the night progressed, Mirrors were the next to take it to the stage. Some may have seen the name appear on next year’s Unify Festival. For those that haven’t, watch out, because they’re proven to be a force to be reckoned with. Opening up their set with an unexpected crash of powerful leverage to their sound, Mirrors gave those at BANG a huge wave of integrity and belligerence. While BANG’s attendance was still increasing, there was plenty of movement going down at the front row of the stage, with people dancing, jumping and throwing themselves around. By the time they were finishing off their set, there was only more and more people going bonkers up front during their final track.

Now, with the Brisbanian entity referred by the name of As Paradise Falls bringing their shit to a new level, these guys ripped me a new arsehole. While I was a little peeved at the fact that there weren’t as many people going full throttle for these guys, I was happy enough to watch these guys do their thing in the flesh. Vocalist Shaun Coar has proven to have one hell of a set of pipes on him. Whether it be cleans on ‘Starblind’ or screams and growls on ‘Reborn,’ he really maintains the persona of a very confronting and brawny frontman. What had me amazed was how much more force and quality was placed into their live executions of their studio recordings. While Digital Ritual is a stellar record, and one of the best to come from an Aussie band this year, As Paradise Falls make their live renditions of their songs much more formidable and prevailing.

That being said, not only were all three acts impressive to me throughout the night, seeing them take part on the same stage at BANG reminded me of the good, old Saturday nights of sipping $6 bourbons and catching my mates’ bands performing and supporting national legends to the scene. To those who aren’t aware of the three entities I just mentioned, do yourselves a favour and get on them ASAP. Local talent is rising, but it’s not getting the notoriety it deserves.