To all fans of American Metalcore; you’ve most likely heard the news that Miss May I is gracing our shores for their first ever Australian tour!

After getting to interview frontman Levi Benton when they released Shadows Inside back in May, OVERDRIVE wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity to get to speak to the support band that was fortunate enough to be chosen to support Miss May I when they came down for the first time; in what seems to be a running trend with this upcoming tour, New York’s own Sylar are travelling to Australia for their maiden trip as well!

Sylar frontman Jayden Panesso was kind enough to take some time out of his afternoon to talk about the upcoming Australian tour with Miss May I, opening the interview with how excited Sylar are at getting to travel to Australia and cross it off the travel bucket list:

“Oh man, Sylar is very very excited man; I think overall for pretty much all of us within Sylar, we’ve all really really wanted to visit for a long time! You know for the last few years we’ve been getting messages or comments from fans in Australia who not only love our music but are telling us that they, ‘want us to come perform in Australia;’ it blows our mind that we can finally make this happen! I don’t know man; it’s going to be very cool to experience the culture too. We haven’t even been able to get out on there on a holiday so it will be the first time; I’ve heard from multiple friends who have toured that it is one of the places you want to get to visit! When we were on tour in Europe, we were playing with Oceans Grove who are from Australia and they were the coolest dudes ever; they were just telling us all these stories about Australia and just about the day to day life there.”

Usually when a band is travelling to another country for the first time, they want to make sure that they blow their fans away; choosing the perfect supporting bands is most definitely important to get right! So just how did Sylar get the opportunity, but more importantly the life changing experience to secure that support slot for Miss May I? Panesso explained how:

“I think they actually requested us to be on the tour, which is very very flattering and cool! We had just, correction; we had FINALLY just played Canada for the first time this spring; we got to go to the UK, we did Europe with Beartooth, then we went onto Japan and then came back home to do the Warped Tour. This was the first time leaving the country; we just landed back today and we received the email which is awesome! We were all very excited and thinking how this is really cool to have just left the country for the first time and we’re receiving offers for another trip overseas.” We landed at the airport in the UK and we all received the e-mail which blew our minds, so as soon as we got to Europe, we started asking Oceans Grove as many questions as we could (laughs). We’re very excited!”

This interviewer was curious about the thought process that has been put into creating the setlist for the upcoming show and whether it has been shaped in any way by the band paying attention to fan requests across all social media platforms; Panesso opened up by explaining that, We’re yet to take fan requests yet, but I always feel very good about the setlists that we take to our shows!” before explaining further:

“So far where we’ve gone, some of the songs haven’t been digested very well, but we’re going to try and put a setlist together that brings together everything the band has been doing and that everyone will love! We most definitely want to bring in songs like ‘Assumed,’ ‘Me, Myself and I,’ ‘Dark Daze’ and ‘Mirrored,’ as well as some of the older songs so fans get a full vibe of what we have to offer! If we’re opening, we’ll get the usual 25-30 minutes but I know there’s local acts opening up so we’ll get about 40-45 minutes; when you think about it, that’s a good chunk of time to work with, so we’re trying to make sure we give our fans a treat being our first time there!”

Touching further on the fact that Sylar are getting to come down and play with Miss May I, Panesso lets us in on a little personal secret about himself:

“I used to be a massive fan of the band; I used to go purchase tickets to their show, so it’s going to be awesome to perform alongside them! It was always a dream of mine when I was younger; when you’re playing music as a youngster, you have a lot of dreams about what you want to happen but you never expect them to actually take place and come true!”

With this being the first time that Sylar gets to set foot on Australian shores, what is the one thing that Panesso and the rest of the band MUST do whilst over here? Panesso straight away opened with, “To be honest, I really have to hug a koala bear man. I have to get that picture; everyone else has it so I need to get it for myself! I’ve seen so many awesome pictures of Australia; I’m just really excited to be connecting with a whole new base of fans that we’ve never gotten to connect with on a face to face level before!”

After reminding Panesso that even though koalas look super cuddly, they are quite prone to acts of aggression because let’s be honest, everything in Australia is trying to kill you (which got a good laugh upon hearing that warning), this interviewer was curious as to what city Panesso was looking most forward to getting to visit after getting an insight from the boys in Oceans Grove.

“I’m just that excited across the board that honestly it doesn’t matter! We’re not a band that just got signed and instantly started travelling around the world; we’ve been busting our asses for a few years and started our way from the bottom. From handing out demos, to playing house shows and backyard shows that got us no money; so for us to start to get to play overseas and experience different countries is the most exciting thing.”

Sylar has already had such a big year to date; not only have they experienced their first overseas tours, but they’re also crossing Australia off the bucket list in November! What does the rest of 2017 hold for Sylar; not only between now and the upcoming Australian tour, but as well after they return home? Panesso explained how, “Before the tour with Miss May I, we’re going on a massive US tour with Issues and Volumes; we actually leave for that in two and a half weeks! Once we finish the Miss May I tour, we’ll be staying at home and enjoying some rest as we’ve spent the majority of the year touring already. We’ve already got work done when it comes to creating new music, as well as already having talks for tours next year so we’re getting excited to get to put our feet up and relax for a little bit!”


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