CORRECTION: Last week we stated that Voyager’s most recent album was 2014’s V. WRONG! Voyager released Ghost Mile in May this year, and you can get your hands on it HERE!!!

Now that we have that out of the way, we’ve got another five great Aussie bands for you. Australia is known for being a brutal place. We have some of the world’s deadliest wildlife, a climate equally likely to fling your lovespuds on a barbecue or freeze the balls off a brass monkey, and our version of football doesn’t involve wearing a set of full-plate armour. On top of all that, our Metal scene is full of sheer brutality, so here are five bands to get bruised and bloody to.

Amicable Treason (QLD)

They may be a home grown Queensland band, but Amicable Treason also have international pedigree thanks to the appearance of drummer Kevin Talley (Suffocation, D’aath, Dying Fetus, Six Feet Under, Chimaira) on their upcoming debut album. With two singles already out in the world, Amicable Treason supported Firewind and more recently Fleshgod Apocalypse on their Australian tours. With a brutal, modern Thrash sound, Amicable Treason’s ‘Restitution’ should be very pleasing to fans of Lamb of God.

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Decryptus (NSW)

Decryptus provide a varied and complex sound that moves between frenzied brutality and more downbeat melodic strains. The band provides a fine blend of Thrash and Death Metal, and manage the mood of tension within their songs masterfully. Ominous one moment and triumphant the next, their compositions have plenty of room to breathe, and much to offer the attentive listener. Decryptus will be bringing the heavy offerings of their first EP The Necrotic Design to Melbourne for the Scorching Steel Festival on November 10 – 11, so it’s an ideal time to check them out!

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In:Extremis (SA)

If you weren’t part of the Metal scene back in 1996, you may well have missed In:Extremis. The Grind / Death Metal merchants originally from Adelaide were until recently on a 20-year hiatus, but have now returned with two of their 1995 line-up intact (Simon Durrant on vocals and James Cain on keys / samples). Though the band moved to Melbourne for the benefit of their career, and indeed relaunched at Melbourne’s Bendigo Hotel, In:Extremis will next play a hometown show in Adelaide at that city’s manifestation of the Metal United Down Under festival on September 16.

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In Malice’s Wake (VIC)

There are few bands who can get a crowd pumped like In Malice’s Wake. From circle pits to walls of death, stage diving to crowd surfers literally hitting the roof, an In Malice’s Wake show has it all. With a sound that runs the gamut from Blackened extremity to melodic Thrash, these guys will keep you guessing as well as headbanging. They’ve been exposed to audiences through supporting Forbidden, Warbringer and Destruction, as well as being featured on plenty of local bills.

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Psycroptic (TAS)

With six studio albums under their belt, Psycroptic are mainstays of the Australian Metal scene. No wonder then they’ll be headlining Metal United Down Under in just a few short weeks. The band’s support resume includes Cannibal Corpse, Obituary and Carcass, so you know the “Croppers” boys will bring the brutality. They’re no strangers to international touring either, having just returned from performing to the passionate Metal fans of India. Make sure you catch these guys now they’re back in their homeland!

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