Interview With An Escape Artist are a home grown Post-Hardcore band from Hobart, Australia. Only being formed a few years ago, they’ve already wrapped up tours with bands such as Australia’s own In Hearts Wake, as well as notable bands such as Deez Nuts, Northlane, and Sienna Skies. Their recent album, “Kingdom of Beauty”, has recently released and we’ve had the privilege to check it out.

Interview With An Escape Artist are comprised of band members Peter Loredo (lead vocals), Mark Cooper (drums), Dylan Leary (guitar), Sam Austen (secondary guitar), and Jared Foster (bass guitar/vocals).

The title track ‘Kingdom of Beauty’ opens up the album with instrumental work that is easy on the ears, before quickly seguing into a bass heavy, all-out assault following a scream from front man Loredo, setting the tone for what’s to follow. The guitar work of Leary and Austen, and the drum work of Cooper, are a perfect combination of grind-and-bash and create some brilliant sounds. The vocals of Loredo are solid, also.

Live Life’ opens with a great drum-fill supported by guitar and bass, before Loredo lends his vocals to the mix. Another strong performance, and seamless blending of both instrumental and vocal abilities from all band members. Interview With An Escape Artist have the potential to absolutely blow up, mark my words!


‘Hate Rules The World’ opens with the grind-and-bash combination of guitar and drums, and yet again is another instrumental display of how good Interview With An Escape Artist truly are. Loredo’s vocals, as always, come through with dominance, and really are a joy to experience.

Opening up with the same tenacity that we’ve come to love from Interview With An Escape Artist, ‘Past’ delivers some brilliant riffs, hammering drum fills, and a vocal showcase from Loredo that is as brilliant as they’ve been throughout. The track features from instrumental breaks that allow the guitar work of both Leary and Austen to be the heroes of the track, instrumentally, displaying some other-worldly riffs that will give you goosebumps! The ending of the track, vocally, is brilliant.


Opening with Loredo’s screaming, ‘Fight For Yourself’ takes an abrupt pause before the instrumentals come into the fold, and display the same clean performance that we’ve heard throughout the album. If you were only going to listen to one track on this album to determine whether Interview With An Escape Artist is the real deal, make sure it’s this one. There’s an instrumental break half way through the track that allows the vocals to step into the spotlight, and be the hero, and they are good. Really good!


‘Seconds to Midnight’ opens with a similar calm that we’ve experienced with a couple of tracks throughout the album, however there’s no tenacious jump to manic guitar shredding, nor a drumline that’ll have you shaking at the knees. This is a demonstration of the band’s softer, more vulnerable side, and even though it’s taken almost the entirety of the album to experience it, it is absolutely brilliant. When a band showcases their vulnerability, it gives opportunity to transcend them to new heights, and that’s exactly what happens here. They’re gearing up for a huge finish!


What did I tell you!? ‘There’s Hope’ returns to the familiar sound that we’ve heard throughout Kingdom of Beauty. Loredo’s screaming comes back with full force, as does the tenacity of the instrumentals behind him. They’ve gone all out to ensure this album finishes with a bang, and they’ve more than achieved that, bringing it around full circle, and making the experience complete.


Interview With An Escape Artist have achieved much in their short-lived career, and it’s only the beginning. They’ve already smashed the glass ceiling, especially with a well-rounded performance like they’ve delivered with Kingdom of Beauty. Absolutely brilliant.


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