Today we look at the incredible new release from Alaskan metal group 36 Crazyfists. Their new album ‘Lanterns’ is a strong 12-track album and their return to the scene since the 2015 release of ‘Time and Trauma’. ‘Lanterns’ is an album built on the emotional lyrics provided by the distinctive sounds of vocalist Brock Lindow, with a voice that ranges from haunting to damn straight primal and impressive.

New fans and old will find it hard not to be in awe of the performance vocally and lyrically given to this album by Lindow. The band have created their seventh full-length album which vocalist Lindow described as: “Lanterns is about the fight within us all, forever refusing to sink.” This is evident throughout the albums themes, which explore the ocean, tragedy, and death as Lindow delves into a significant personal tragedy.

Steve Holt (guitar), Mick Whitney (bass), and Kyle Baltus (drums) carry the album musically keeping the bands signature style but managing to develop creative tracks and another impressive performance for the band. Musically 36 Crazyfists are able to transition between their light and shade of chaos, heavy, groove, ballads and rock influencing sounds flawlessly and still convey the full array of emotions from all genres.

No track seems out of place or to lack in areas as ‘Lanterns’ provides the bands powerful sounds, signature vocals and poetic lyrics which carry the raw passion and feelings that is hard to be mistaken by any 36 Crazyfists fan in songs such as ‘Better to Burn‘. To explore some of the album we need not look too hard as right from the start with Lanterns crushing opening track ‘Death Eater‘ which was described by Lindow as a song about reaching the bottom after his father’s death and how he came back from those depths. 36 Crazyfists have also expanded their range on this album with a few slower tracks with ‘Sea and Smoke’ leaning more towards a harder ballad hybrid style.

Then there is those unexpected gems, an acoustic track with ‘Where Revenge Ends‘, a mid-album torn down track with simplified guitars and the focus on the voice of Lindow, which blend with the song style incredibly well. One of those heart-wrenching songs that may impress any music fan, definitely a crucial track on the album. In a similar vein, the closing track ‘Dark Corners‘ shows Lindow baring his personal demons through his dark poetic lyrics. Both tracks are definitely some of the unexpected highlights from this hard to beat album. ‘Lanterns‘ flows really well from beginning to end and is sure to keep any fan pleased.

The album’s intensity is definitely up there with the band’s earlier classics such as ‘A Snow Capped Romance‘ but also manages to display the band’s evolution and maturation at the simultaneously. Lanterns is sure to deliver some strong additions to the 36 Crazyfists live set. This album is honestly hard to speak poorly of, as it does not carry any significant criticisms for anyone who knows the band’s work and will likely draw the band many new fans in the process.