Calling all Metal Heads of Australia, lend us your ears! Accept are back on the rise, with aptly named ‘The Rise of Chaos’ bringing instant acclaim back to the rockers. Now, the question is; “Do you want the chance to see Accept perform live in Australia again?” If your answer was “Yes”, then you’re in luck, because they’re currently touring, and Australia is highlighted on their map!

German heavy metal outfit Accept have been rocking the underground, and playing an integral part in the development of speed and thrash metal, since as far back at the late 1960s. Flash forward to 2017, where they’ve released their latest studio album ‘The Rise of Chaos’, which is absolute brilliance, and amidst a World Tour are stopping over in Melbourne, Australia, to give us a taste of just how good they really are.

OVERDRIVE was fortunate enough to have Accept guitarist Wolf Hoffmann lend us his time during a busy schedule to discuss everything Accept; what it’s like rocking in the 2000s, their latest album, and why they chose to play a once off exclusive Melbourne show, as opposed to stopping over the major cities.

Accept have been around the traps for an insane amount of time, so one’s always curious about how the passing of time can take its toll. When questioned as to how rocking out now feels in comparison to closer to their inception, Hoffmann laughed, and explained, “Oh my god. You know what, you could ask yourself that, or anyone else really. I mean, how does it feel? Do you still feel the adrenaline like when you were twenty? No. Would you want to go back? Probably not.” He laughed more, and continued to explain that, “And I guess, I hope, that we’ve gained some wisdom and surely some experience, but the thing that’s motivated us back then is still there, it’s a part of us. When you’re a musician you have this dream that you want to travel the world, you want to be a professional musician one day and that’s still want I want to do now, so part of that is still the kid in me. It’s been a blast. The music business itself has changed dramatically as we all know, you know, with all the new technology and the rate all the record sales has gone away and all that, but man that doesn’t stop us from being in this business, and we’re still enjoying it!”

The music industry is cutthroat, and sees the forming and disbanding of bands on a daily basis, so when asked what Hoffmann felt attributed to the survival and longevity of Accept, as a whole, he explained, “I guess we’re just hardcore, we just stayed with it. You know, we’re not one of those bands (obviously) that had a huge mainstream hit at any point, I mean we’ve always had a very dedicated fanbase, and to a certain extent we’ve always been underground and had more of a cult following than say some bands, that kind of goes with the territory when you’re a metal band, unless you’re Metallica or something like that.” He continued to explain that, “But still this is something we very much enjoy, even though everything else has changed around us. We’re always trying to find a way to grow with the times and to make it work for us. We try to stay grounded and stay in touch with the fans through social media, and all that kind of stuff. But, you know, I think that’s what you have to do, you have to change with the times.”

Further discussing what Hoffmann mentioned about growing with the times, Accept have never compromised their sound, and have remained true to what they’ve produced since the beginning. Wolf explained, “This career, in a way, has been more of a marathon than a sprint to me, in the long run it’ll pay off if you stay dedicated to what you do, and you work hard. You know nowadays a lot of kids, I think, they want to have that overnight success and they watch these talent shows and they think all it takes it being in the right place at the right time and I’ll be a superstar overnight, but man the reality is different.”

When talking about what were the key motivators and inspirations that drove Accept to produce the melodical brilliance that is their latest album release, ‘The Rise of Chaos’, Hoffmann explained, “Well, the inspiration has always been to write music for a new album, man. The last album was three years in the past, and we just wanted to write new songs that are in line with what we always do. Totally traditional Accept stuff only with brand new songs, more exciting and better than ever, that was our motto. We didn’t really want to change anything dramatically, just wanted to bring more new songs that are in your face.” He continued to explain that, “As for lyrical content and stuff, we just look around us and see what’s going on in the world. The title ‘The Rise of Chaos’ just sort of came to mind because, I mean, that’s what seems to be happening in the world right now, that’s where the title comes from.”

Remaining on topic with Accept’s latest album release, ‘The Rise of Chaos’, attention was turned to the period of time the band had been slaving away to create the masterpiece. Hoffman explained, “You know the most time was spent just writing the songs, and sort of massaging the songs until they were the right shape. It’s always easy to come up with the initial riffs and ideas but then it seems to be a long way from there to our way around a song, and that’s what I spent the most time on with Peter . You know, he and I we usually get together initially and work on the riffs and the first basic song ideas, and then when we have a rough song we’ll give it to Mark , the singer, he’ll come along and put his parts in, and then eventually we’ll call Andy Smith. And then the recording was actually quite fast, over the course of maybe four to five weeks, when we almost spent eight months or ten months writing all the stuff beforehand and demoing it, and recording it again (and again) and this and that until we’re happy in the final version so some of the songs had like, I don’t know, ten revisions.”

Accept are soon hitting Australian shores, but as fore mentioned are only stopping in Melbourne for a once off exclusive show, before continuing on their world tour. When asked about why Melbourne was the only selected destination for Accept’s pit stop, Hoffmann explained, “You know this is something that’s really mostly the job of promoters and managers so I’m not 100% certain why it happened, I can only guess because we are on our way to other shows in the US and it just didn’t work out time wise, scheduling wise or logistically.” He further explained that, “But what I can tell you is that we’re totally excited to come back to Australia. So we went there for the first time two or three years ago, and it was amazing to see what a great country it is how amazing the fans are down there, so we’re very excited to come back even though it’s just a quick stop over for one show. But, man, we’re going to bring more production this time so it’s going to be a much bigger and better show so we’ll make it worthwhile. So even though its one show it’s going to kick arse!”

It’s on all Accept fan’s lips, what does the future hold for Accept now that they’ve returned to the music scene in full force? Hoffmann explained, “The new album has just been released, and we’ve just started our World Tour, we’re off to Japan and then off to see you guys in Melbourne for one show only, but we’re coming to Australia. After that we’re off to South America, Europe and the rest of the world, and hopefully before too long we can come back to Australia again.”

He also further reiterated that the exclusive Melbourne performance at 170 Russell on September 17 will see an all new production, stage set, and it’s promised to ‘look and sound amazing’. If you’re a hardcore Accept fan, or just a heavy metal lover in general, this is one show you’re not going to want to miss.

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