After a long week at work, what better way to unwind on a Friday night then to head into the city for a concert? How about knowing that you’re on your way to enjoy some German Thrash Metal at the SOLD OUT Kreator show at 170 Russell, with the icing on the cake being that the special guests playing alongside them are none other than Polish Death Metal legends Vader! Upon arrival just before doors opening at 8:00 pm, it was obvious that tonight was going to be insane, as the tightly packed line to enter stretched around the corner into Chinatown.

Originally billed to start their performance at 8:30, Melbourne’s own Direblaze came out and graced the stage at 8:15 pm to a crowd that was easily over 200 people at this point. Those who made the effort to arrive early were treated to a tight six-song set lasting 30 minutes, which ended in an instrumental that showcased the talent that Jimmy Rose (vocals / guitar), Nick Tobolov (guitar), Dave Poulter (bass) and Noriyuki Imai (drums) bring together. Direblaze are most definitely one to keep an eye out for those within Australia, as you must see these guys if they ever perform in your town!

It’s not often that the special guests performing before the headline act are of such a legendary level within the music scene, but Vader most definitely are legends within the Death Metal genre! The quartet consisting of founding member Piotr ‘Peter’ Wiwczarek (vocals / guitar), alongside Marek ‘Spider’ Pajak (guitar), Tomasz ‘Hal’ Halicki (bass) and James Stewart (drums) walked out to the roof raising cheers at 9:15 pm instead of the originally billed 9:30 pm, treating Melbourne to a full hour of hits ranging across their 25-year catalogue as they played songs off The Ultimate Incantation, The Empire and albums in between! Getting out on stage to follow the energy and excitement that Direblaze created within the crowd would have been hard for most bands, but Vader lifted the crowd’s energy to the next level almost instantly; between all three guitarists making the most of the available stage space and Wiwzcarek leading the audio assault on the eardrums that Vader are famous for, anybody walking on the street above 170 Russell would have thought there was a small earth tremor taking place.

During the 30-minute wait for Kreator to grace the stage, those in attendance were treated to some classic Metal, ranging from Judas Priest, Metallica and Iron Maiden; Kreator were actually late gracing the stage by a couple of minutes, as the crowd were belting out the lyrics to ‘Run to the Hills!’ However as soon as that song concluded, the lights dimmed and fans roared in excitement and anticipation as the long wait was finally over!

Founding members Miland ‘Millie’ Petrozza (lead vocals / guitar) and Jurgen ‘Ventor’ Reil (drums) were joined on stage by Christian ‘Speesy’ Giesler (bass / backing vocals) and Sami Yli-Sirnio (guitar / backing vocals) as they launched into their 90-minute performance, setting the pace for the night ahead opening with ‘Hordes of Chaos.’ It took less than two minutes for the first crowd surfer of the night to come flying over the front of the mosh and into the hands of security! Confetti rained over the mosh during ‘Hordes of Chaos’ as well, treating those in attendance to the first of many visual treats throughout the night, not including the giant screen that sat behind Reil’s drumkit showing various artworks and album covers.

Kreator continued the onslaught early, as they continued through their set and blew the roof off with ‘Phobia’ and ‘Satan is real;’ the latter showcasing the first use of the indoor flame jets that were being used throughout the night! The crowdsurfers continued to come hard and fast, which added to the onslaught that those on the rail were enduring; the mosh was constantly switching between bodies surging forward and the chaos of a circle pit throwing bodies around; Petrozza inciting the crowd to get them started multiple times throughout the evening. The fans in attendance really got their money’s worth, as ‘Gods of Violence’, ‘People of the Lie’ and ‘Total Death’ were next to be played; at some stage fans were also introduced to Co2 cannons and blasts, which helped cool down 170 Russell and prevented those in attendance from being roasted by the flames!

The energy somehow lifted another level when ‘Phantom Antichrist’ started, both from those in the mosh and Kreator on stage; security really had their work cut out for them trying to keep all the flying bodies safe, as well as distributing water to those in need.

Petrozza kept lifting the energy of the crowd throughout the night, inciting not only multiple circle pits but also splitting the mosh down the middle for a wall of death; it was most definitely a sight to watch fans running full speed at each other with the intention of staying on their feet! However, those who were unfortunate enough to get knocked off their feet weren’t left to fend for themselves; everybody was making sure to help people to their feet so they didn’t get trampled.

Much like the seven songs already played, ‘Fallen Brother,’ ‘Army of Storms,’ ‘Enemy of God’ and ‘From Flood into Fire’ came and went in a mixture of furious guitar work, insane double kicking behind the drums, CO2 bursts, flame jets and Petrozza’s unique and unmistakable vocals. The tail end of the set then followed, as ‘World War Now’ and ‘Hail to the Hordes’ built up the energy even further. Petrozza took a small break after ‘Hail to the Hordes’ to somehow successfully whip the crowd into even more of a frenzy, ordering them to let their energy out via some “Extreme aggression!”

‘Civilization Collapse’ was the last song of the set and it most definitely didn’t disappoint; crowd surfers were flying left, right and centre! At one point the four security at the front were dealing with three crowd surfers at the same time; thankfully no one was dropped or injured because security were just that on top of their game. After the final notes of ‘Civilization Collapse’ were struck, Kreator concluded their set with an epic bass drop that would have caused the ears of majority of those in attendance to pop! Kreator walked off the stage at just on midnight, after playing a face melting 75 minutes of classic and epic songs from their long and amazing career.

Fans were quick to start the encore chant; Kreator were even quicker to oblige as they came out for two more songs: ‘Violent Revolution’ and ‘Pleasure to Kill.’ The night was concluded by the band being enveloped by not only the smoke from the flame jets, but also by the massive CO2 bursts at the front of the stage. It was most fitting for Kreator to fade out into the night behind a veil of smoke after setting fire with their music!

For those who are attending on the remaining shows, you’re in for a most amazing performance; for those who haven’t gotten tickets, make sure you don’t miss out (if it isn’t too late already!).



Hordes of Chaos

Satan is real

Gods of Violence
People of the lie
Total Death

Phantom Antichrist
Fallen Brother
Army of Storms
Enemy of God
From Flood into Fire

World War Now
Hail to the Hordes
Extreme Aggression
Civilization Collapse


Violent Revolution
Pleasure to kill