I have found myself searching for something this week. It was the end of a long winter and I certainly needed a fresh perspective, and maybe a kick up the ass. Luckily Brisbane Punk Rock Trio Satellites are about to deliver their sophomore E.P, ‘Black Dog’, on September 29th in a fully independent release. Despite recent face-lifts the band has undergone, Black Dog is an uplifting and inspiring modern Punk Rock masterpiece. Produced by former Amity Affliction co-founder and guitarist Troy Brady (Antagonist, In Hearts Wake), the sound of Satellites has traveled to new heights, delivering a world class product fit for fans of the likes of Blink 182, A Day To Remember and Anberlin to name a few.

Black Dog takes you on a journey through the trials and tribulations that the band have encountered over the past year. As a listener I am captivated throughout the length of the EP. Dynamically each song is uplifting and up-tempo but with a melancholic twist at times.

The first track Home Sweet Home is a belting Punk Rock classic and fit to open the EP, opening with a wall of sound that immediately cleanses your soul before breaking it down in a precursor to the first verse. You’re then hooked in, hit with catchy melodic hooks and guitar licks, complimented by the groove of Riley Boyce that would rival Travis Barker.

As you continue through songs ‘Thank You’, lead single ‘Thread’, and ‘Glassjaw’ there are plenty of opportunities to find yourself chanting the lyrics and marching to the beat, perfect for your morning workout if you so desire.

Each song delivers interesting structures that take you away from the usual ‘Verse, Chorus, Verse, Chorus’ type structure that you would normally find in pop singles. Instead you are gifted with breakdowns that would satisfy any metal fans, and vocal hooks from Mitch Chamberlain that you can imagine thousands of fans in an arena singing in full voice. There is intent in his scream as he provides perspective and wisdom in the content of his lyrics.

Which takes me to my favourite track off the E.P, ‘Through Gritted Teeth’. This song, to me, captures everything that a punk rock fan would want in a song. The dynamic balance is mesmerising and takes you from a moment of despair to a moment of hope.

Bassist Dan Goodwin is in his prime as he sits in the pocket and provides some satisfying moments throughout not only on this song, but throughout the E.P. His tone and harmonies are elegant and simply sublime.

What I respect about this EP is the fact that Troy Brady and Satellites have clearly worked hard throughout the production process crafting a lean, mean and supreme record full of heart and soul. There’s no better place to pour all your life’s experiences than into your music, and as a listener I’ve certainly made a connection with Satellites music and experiences.



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