It is a well-known fact that the city of Melbourne has been one of the strongest bastions of heavy music and its culture, bands from every other state in Australia know that if they are making a trek to Melbourne it is going to rock house and be a performance to remember. Within the confines of Victoria’s capital city, there are those all-important venues that welcome the extreme musical arts and their audience. And one of the establishments that has a long running and highly decorated history with heavy music is the Tote hotel.

As long as there has been live music in Melbourne, the Tote hotel has been one of its most staunch supporters and performing on its stages is now something of a ‘rite of passage’ to all up and coming rock driven musical performers.

Along with its many accolades of national and international touring acts, the Tote has also showcase many a bantam weight festival with in its walls. And now there is one more to add to its cast iron reputation.

Tote’l Metal Fest will be taking place on the 19th of November and is a day-long event, it will be flashing the musical fangs of Daemon Pyre (NSW), Annihilist, Direblaze, Kold Creature (QLD), Error37 (album launch), The Ascended, Scaphis, Massacre of Innocence, Vendetta, Bury Me In Autumn, Wicked Figures, Nerve Endings and Thrash Bandicoot (NSW – first interstate show).

The warmer closing months of the year are the perfect time to hyper-accelerate your life, get out and see the immense talent that is circulating the national scene.

Proudly brought to you by Pulpitation Music Promotions and Rocky Water Promotions, Tote’l Metal Fest is another healthy staple in the diet of Melbourne’s metal subculture. Presale tickets are $15 and are available through Oztix or $20 at the door and things kick off at 2pm, come and be a part of Melbourne metals greatest legacies. I’ll see you at the tote…

Daemon Pyre (NSW)
Kold Creature (QLD)
Error37 (album launch)
The Ascended
Massacre of Innocence
Bury Me In Autumn
Wicked Figures
Nerve Endings
Thrash Bandicoot (NSW)

Tote’l Metal Fest

Day: 19th Nov 2017

Venue: The Tote 67 – 71 Johnston Street, Collingwood.

Time: Doors at 2pm

Cost: $15 pre-sale. $20 on the door



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