If you were to mention the name Shane Embury to Grindcore / Death Metal fans around the world and ask what band he performs in, you would receive quite a list of various responses as he has an impressive array of side projects under his belt!

Not only has Embury recorded demos very early on with the like of Warhammer, Azagthoth and Unseen Terror (all of which he recorded drums for), he has also played bass for such bands as Meathook Seed and Malformed Earthborn, as well as stepping in as a live player for Anaal Nathrakh over the years. Let’s not forget that Embury is also quite an impressive guitarist, as he plays guitar for Venomous Concept. However all of these pale in comparison to the next three bands that Embury is most likely going to be known for his role in: firstly we shall start with the British Grindcore supergroup Lock Up. How about we pack our bags and take a trip overseas to Mexico to look out for extreme Metal band Brujeria? Don’t get too comfortable drinking high quality tequila though, as we’re back on a plane to the UK and finishing off this most impressive resume with the one and only Napalm Death!

After getting the opportunity previously to speak to Juan Brujo of Brujeria here, Kevin Sharp of Lock Up here AND Mark ‘Barney’ Greenway of Napalm Death here about the upcoming Napalm Death Australian Tour, OVERDRIVE wasn’t passing up the opportunity to speak to the common link in all three of those bands: Embury was most obliging in presenting some of his time to discuss the upcoming Napalm Death headlining tour, as well as getting out on stage with the boys from both Lock Up and Brujeria on Australian shores for the first time. The first topic of discussion is how Embury is able to maintain the energy to get out there and perform not only one set, but three sets for these upcoming Australian shows.

“I think I’ve been stuck in this kinda timezone for most of my life; when I’m at home I tend to be really tired during the day but at seven or eight at night I tend to wake up. It’s clearly a body clock thing! Each band is also different from each other so you pace yourself accordingly. Lock Up is about 30 minutes and Brujeria is about 45, so they aren’t as long as the Napalm set. I did a tour in Europe for four weeks with the same line-up and I managed to get through it; it seemed to work okay (laughs). I like it in a way because you’re constantly on the go; sometimes when it’s just Napalm you tend to do a lot of sitting around. This is really good because I’ll be at the venue early to do soundcheck with every band and it just keeps the day rolling and the blood pumping! It’s like going to a gym, where the first 20 minutes are insanely hard but once you get going it’s not so difficult; it just made more sense to me from that perspective. Where it affects you the most is in your hearing, but that’s a completely different thing.”

Knowing that Embury would be out on stage multiple times, this interviewer was curious about what song he would enjoy playing most in each set; Embury was quick to respond, albeit after a small hiccup!

“When it comes to Lock Up… I’ve just forgotten the set list and gone blank for a second (laughs). For Lock Up it would most likely be ‘The Plague that Stalks the Darkness.’ When it comes to Brujeria, the song would be ‘Satongo’ and when it comes to Napalm, I enjoy playing ‘Adversarial’ which is right towards the end of the set!”

After doing some research, this interviewer was quick to discover that neither Brujeria nor Lock Up had played on Australian shores before! Embury was kind enough to discuss not only how this opportunity came about, as well as how excited he is that it is happening:

“I’m pretty happy about it! It’s quite an accomplishment in some ways: I’ve been talking to the Soundworks Touring guys who we’ve worked with quite a bit over the years. They’re good lads and we originally discussed getting Brujeria down here before enquiring about Lock Up; Lock Up doesn’t get to do too many shows worldwide because of our other schedules, so it’s nice to get to introduce Australia to Lock Up. We feel quite privileged to get to go all the way down there! The boys from Brujeria are also pretty excited as they’ve done a lot of touring off of their last album. It’s quite an accomplishment for me really, to be able to do that; I sit back and think that getting to travel all the way to Australia and play with one band is special, but to get to do it with three is something I’ll sit back and think about when I’m an old man in my rocking chair!” Embury then added how it’s very much a brotherhood amongst the guys, which makes this trip all the more special as he added how, “It can be a lot of fun, because we’ve all known each other forever. All the guys are my brothers, as that’s just how it becomes after so many years! But me and Kevin talk a lot all the time during the week. The last tour was a lot of fun; we went to Europe and did some shows together, it was very mellow! We’ve been grinding away together for the last 25 to 30 years (laughs), so it’s like a family thing for sure! It’s going to be cool for Brujo for one, as he’s never been there before; I’ve tried to explain what it’s like in Australia. Everyone’s looking forward to it, plus the weather should be nice (laughs).”

So what sights of Australia is Embury going to take the Lock Up / Brujeria boys to get to see whilst they’re over in Australia? Embury explained how, “That’s going to be a tough one, because most of our time is going to be spent travelling.” Before going on to elaborate further:

“Whilst we’re in Perth, we might head over to Bon Scott’s grave just because we’re all big AC/DC fans. I don’t think we’re going to have much time to do much otherwise; I’m going to be at the venues all day soundchecking so I don’t know where I’m going to able to take them (laughs). Plus there’s a lot of flying as every day is another show! I think we might need some suggestions; maybe I’ll put a post up on the Napalm Facebook page and request the ‘Top 10 things to do in Australia’ for us to cram into our seven days down there.”

Who better to ask what Brujeria / Lock Up / Napalm Death have ahead for the rest of the year than Embury himself? Embury was quick to explain how after the Australian tour, Brujeria and Lock Up go to Japan; Brujeria is playing the Loud Park Festival in Tokyo, then Lock Up is playing a club show a few days later in Tokyo. From there, Brujeria fly all the way over to Los Angeles for a US tour, which goes up until the end of November, before one show in Mexico. Then I fly back to England to embark do a 12-date tour of Spain with Napalm Death in December; that takes us up to December 17th before we break for Christmas! January is pretty quiet so far and then in February I think Napalm Death has a tour across the Czech Republic.”