Interview With An Escape Artist are a home-grown post hardcore band hailing from Tasmania, Australia. Only forming a short time ago, they played their very fist gig alongside Australia’s own In Hearts Wake back in 2012. Since then they have shared the stage with notorious acts such as Northlane, Sienna Skies, and Deez Nuts, bringing the band some acclaim. Interview With An Escape Artist are comprised of band members Peter Laredo (vocals), Mark Cooper (drums), Dylan Leary (guitar), Sam Austen (secondary guitar), and Jared Foster (bass/backing vocals).

They recently released their album ‘Kingdom of Beauty’, and OVERDRIVE were lucky enough to catch up with vocalist Peter Laredo, to talk everything Interview With An Escape Artist.

Laredo explained that “Mainly (we are) all friends of friends that are into the same music”, and it was this fact that aided the band members coming together to form Interview With An Escape Artist. Following up on this, Laredo spoke about how they find their inspiration, and motivation, as a band. He explained, “That’s a hard question. As a kid I have always thought that if you take 5 of your favourite bands or musical styles, and try to blend it all together with your own twist on it, then that will make a great sound. I still don’t think I have achieved this but I’m still working towards it.”

Having supported acts like In Hearts Wake, Deez Nuts, Northlane, and Sienna Skies has had Interview With An Escape Artist alongside some serious talent. Laredo explained what it was like sharing the stage with such acts. “It has been a massive privilege to support bands that we both admire and are fans of, it’s something that we never thought could be possible when we first started out, and it’s been a please to have such opportunities.” Following up on discussing how supporting such bands would have brought attention to the Tasmanian band, Laredo explained how the process of breaking into the industry has been. He explained, “It hasn’t been easy that’s for sure, we still have a long way to go though, we will just continue to do what we love. At the start we had a manager that helped us a lot and we couldn’t have done anything we had done in terms of tours without him.”

Turning attention to their album, Kingdom of Beauty, Laredo spoke about how long the band had been slaving away to piece it all together. He explained, “This has been in the works for over a year now, we all decided to do the whole album ourselves without any outside help. It has been very time consuming, stressful and a lot of hard work but I can honestly say I am proud of the end result.”

Diving further into the album, Laredo spoke about drawing from personal experiences, and experiences around him, that helped shape the lyrics that they produced. He explained, “Yes there are a lot that I write that draw from experiences in my life or people that I’m close to, there’s also a lot of what I write that has nothing to do with experiences, I would prefer to leave it up to the imagination as to what’s what there.” Furthermore, he continued to talk about how they, as a band, approach recording single tracks and albums. He explained, “It’s mostly all backwards, I mainly write the songs in the studio and record them as I go. I always start with a basic drum beat and sit there until I am happy with guitar, from there I can normally write the rest of the guitar and music pretty fast. Once I am done with music I’ll move onto vocals, this is probably the part of the song I enjoy the least, pretty strange for a vocalist! I never actually write lyrics down, I’ll always just keep laying down takes until something comes out naturally that I’m happy with and go from there.” He continued to explain that, “Once I have completed the song I’ll send it to the other guys and see what they think, Cooper always rewrites all the drums to fit with his style and always writes amazing drums that I could never come up with, and we might end up changing the guitars for some bits. That’s the main way we will write songs but we are looking at moving into more of a whole band writing style to get everyone involved in the process.”

When asked what the end goal was for Interview With An Escape Artist, Laredo explained that “As it stands we have no end goal as such, I guess we just want to be able to keep playing music that we love.” Expanding on this, Laredo touched on what the future holds for Interview With An Escape Artist. He explained, “That is a pretty tough question, we just want to keep writing music that we hope people love, we want to play more shows in more places that’s for sure. Right now we are just taking it as it comes. We have already begun work on our next album that will see the band move into places that are very different to our current sound.”

Interview With An Escape Artist’s new album Kingdom Of Beauty is out now!