UFOMAMMUT Streams 8 LP In Its Entirety At The Obelisk

Album Out This Friday Through Neurot Recordings

Stream and share UFOMAMMUT’s 8 at THIS LOCATION.

UFOMAMMUT is streaming their eighth full-length 8 in its entirety through The Obelisk as the album approaches release this Friday via Neurot Recordings.

For the trio, the album is particularly symbolic, as they reflect, “8, seen as the infinite symbol, is for us representative of time tracing around an eternal line. More than ever, the process of writing, recording and realizing 8 with the visuals of the artwork, inlay and videos, has led us to step back and observe the continuing evolution of UFOMAMMUT in the past, present and future. Tracing our own line, and thinking about the possibilities.”

The Obelisk dissects the monolithic LP in detail, the review including, “As it invariably would, 8 brings new context to the turn of approach that really started with Ecate coming off of Oro, the 2015 outing serving as the point at which UFOMAMMUT embarked on the redirection that continues here… Whether this concept is something UFOMAMMUT embarked on consciously or it’s simply a matter of a fan-nerd reading too much into a progression between tracks, they made the choice to put these songs in this order with the lack of space between them and in so doing give 8 a personality that even as it seems to tighten the reins from Ecate succeeds in moving UFOMAMMUT stylistically forward. It’s not necessarily just about them getting huger and huger-sounding anymore, but about what can they do within and between the spaces they’re creating. Taking this notion in context with the immediacy of what they’re actually crafting, 8 is all the more an achievement for the nuance it brings to the established parameters of UFOMAMMUT‘s sound and the ways in which the three-piece persist in redrawing their own boundaries.”

Explore UFOMAMMUT’s 8 at The Obelisk RIGHT HERE.

Also view the previously-released video for the “Warsheep” single HERE.

8 will see release this Friday, September 22nd on vinyl and CD formats via Neurot Recordings, and on a limited and regular edition vinyl via UFOMAMMUT‘s Supernatural Cat label. EU vinyl Preorders for the limited LP (500 copies) can be placed via Supernatural Cat HERE, hand-crafted in Italy by Malleus – the rock art collective run by members of UFOMAMMUT. US Preorders can be placed via Neurot Recordings HERE.

This Friday in Milan, UFOMAMMUT has put together a very special event to not only mark the release of 8, but to celebrate the band’s journey, and as well as performing two live shows in the evening, and hosting an exhibition of band artwork, the members have some other surprises in store. The band felt inspired to look back into their past, and specifically at their first release Godlike Snake. They remark, “Whilst we believe it’s a good album, at the time we recorded it, we didn’t have the same ears and possibilities of today, so, during this past year, we have taken the old tapes and re-mixed the album the way we believe it should be heard.” A vinyl and a digipack version will be presented this Friday at the release party. Furthermore, they have also been working hard on a book titled “The Art of Ufomammut”, a Malleusdelic journey into, and celebration of the artwork they have realized as Malleus from the genesis of the band, right through to today. It is a four-color, ninety-six-page book that they shall also present at the release show. Any copies remaining will be brought on tour the following week. Lastly, in the final days in the run up to the release, Malleus is working on a five-color silkscreen poster for the forthcoming live dates.


9/22/2017 Santeria Social Club – Milan, IT *8 release show and Malleus exhibit

9/30/2017 La Boule Noire – Paris, FR w/ Usnea

10/01/2017 Le Ferrailleur – Nantes, FR w/ Usnea

10/03/2017 Borderline – London, UK w/ Usnea

10/04/2017 Magasin 4 – Brussels, BE w/ Usnea

10/05/2017 Schlachthof – Wiesbaden, DE w/ Usnea

10/06/2017 Up In Smoke Festival – Pratteln, CH w/ Usnea

10/07/2017 Doornroosje – Nijmegen, NL @ Soulcrusher Festival w/ Usnea

10/08/2017 Forum – Bielefeld, DE w/ Usnea

10/10/2017 Blitz – Oslo, NO w/ Usnea

10/11/2017 Klub Undergangen – Stockholm, SE w/ Usnea

10/13/2017 Korjaamo – Helsinki, FI @ Blowup Vol. 3 Festival w/ Usnea

10/14/2017 Olympia-Kortelli – Tampere, FI w/ Usnea

10/16/2017 KB 18 – Copenhagen, DK w/ Usnea

10/17/2017 Lido – Berlin, DE w/ Usnea

10/18/2017 Markthalle – Hamburg, DE w/ Usnea

10/19/2017 Werk 2 – Leipzig, DE w/ Usnea

10/20/2017 Firley – Wroclaw, PL w/ Usnea

10/21/2017 007 – Prague, CZ w/ Usnea

10/22/2017 Keep It Doom Festival – Munich, DE w/ Usnea

11/17/2017 Magazzino Sul Po, Turin, IT

11/25/2017 Traffic Club – Rome, IT

11/07/2017 Bronson – Ravenna, IT

11/08/2017 Tetris – Trieste, IT

5/24-27/2018 Maryland Deathfest – Baltimore, MD