DarkCell have been one of Brisbane’s and all of Australia’s most recognised and malevolent entities of the industrial metal sound that has also managed to reach American soil in the past. Having made minor changes to their name from “DarkC3ll” to “DarkCell”, the quartet responsible for the anthemic songs of hate and rebellion are set to release new music, a comic series and their tour with Motionless in White. We had a chat with front-man Jesse Dracman about what’s been happening in the DarkCell camp, with the brand new single Hail to the Freaks just being released a little while back.

“This song has sparked an exciting new chapter for us” he says. “It’s been a wild ride already and we haven’t even started! The song has been such a journey to this point, going through changes to get to the song you now hear. The work that went into this was more than we’ve put in before, as we really tried to shape a sound that’s going to continue for what will follow. We knew this song would be exciting and the audience reaction worldwide has solidified that, and this is only a taste…”

Many who have associated with the sound of DarkCell would find that the band packs a series of anthemic rock n roll vibes that follow a pattern similar to that of Marilyn Manson, Wednesday 13, Rob Zombie and more. This, of course, is a staple to DarkCell’s music and Jesse states that he wants to make sure it reaches out to the people to embrace their misfit side.

“We’ve always been all about big hooks and groove filled anthems. We want people to get excited and unleash their freak to the music. We create the soundtrack for a legion that wants to stand up and shout!”

As DarkCell’s name is being reached out to the world, they have been praised by bands such as Ill Niño, Wednesday 13 and even Chris Fehn of Slipknot who shared a post of the band’s music video through his Instagram account.

“It’s an incredibly huge honour for us and testament to what we do. Chris is not only a fan of our sound, but a good friend who believes in what we’re doing. We didn’t ask him to endorse us, he was so excited about us, he just wanted the world to know, and that’s really humbling. The respect of musicians like Chris gives me great hope and belief in this industry and what we do.”

Last year saw the release of DarkCell’sHaunted Reality” record, which gained heaps of positive reviews from fans and critics alike. Now, a year later, with 2018 creeping up slowly, Jesse still feels proud of that record, as well as everything else that the band have been able to incarnate. Not only that, it seems Jesse and the guys already have many concepts that they wish to conceive for the next LP.

“We love that record, and everything we do. It’s addictive making this music, constantly pushing ourselves and seeing what we can create. The reception is a solid buffer for us and excites us to evolve and push our own boundaries to which none exist. We have so many ideas already in production so anything is possible, dude.”

A little while back, DarkCell were announced as American quintet Motionless in White’s opening act for their current Australian tour. Going back to 2014, when both bands were on Soundwave’s lineup with many other acts that DarkCell got to hang out with, it seems that Motionless in White and DarkCell had already exchanged pleasantries and have become great friends.

“We’re beyond pumped for this tour. We bonded with the Motionless guys on tour and have been friends ever since. Chris and I formed a great friendship that means a lot. He’s such a down to earth and humble guy and extremely passionate about his music, which really appealed to me and I have a lot of love and respect for the guy and the others in the band. Such cool guys. I took them out for dinner on their last tour here with Amity, and Chris is such a proud guy, when it comes to his band. The fact that he asked for us to be on this tour, just makes it more special for us.”

Another act that DarkCell got to chill with was Ill Niño, who invited them to the U.S. to tour extensively, and also hung out with them during the time of Ill Niño’s visit to Australia last month.

“Familia for life!” he says. “Those guys are brothers and we always kick it. Those guys always love coming to Australia and to see the excitement they bring is awesome. Their drum tech, Matt, drums in Devilment, who you should all check out. Cristian owes me a jäger” he laughs.

Jesse also mentions that there are plenty of acts that DarkCell wish to perform with, whether it be interstate or internationally. But he also brings up the struggle that Aussie bands face when it comes to the international visits.

“There are many plans and discussions with many bands. It’s hard being an Aussie band sometimes due to the logistical nightmare of touring overseas. We want to go back and yes with bands like Motionless for sure, and we’re trying, because the people are making noise.”

Before their big rise to the Aussie scene begun, DarkCell were given the opportunity to support Wednesday 13 back in 2012, and reunited with him for another tour in 2016. Jesse states that Wednesday 13 was the one responsible for opening so many doors for DarkCell, and that it’s helped evolve the band into taking different directions and start new things that will keep DarkCell’s name going for longer.

“That was a rad tour and every time with Wednesday 13 is hugely memorable. He gave us a chance to be heard and we’ll never forget that. This journey has been epic and so much has happened. We are working hard to be able to write more chapters in this story and give Australia something truly exciting. We’re not one of the cool bands, we’re Dark Fucking Cell, and we’re hitting our stride hard now! Brace yourself planet Earth. This party’s only just getting started! Keep your eyes peeled, new music, tours, the Toxic Mutant Hero comic book and one day, Jay will goddamn sing Horses!!”