Calling all fans of Australian alternative rock music!

After releasing their third album “Mr Spaceman“, Young Lions are embarking on a national tour that starts tonight at the Evelyn Hotel in Fitzroy! Zachary Britt (Vocals) Morgan Castle (Bass) and Matt Gibson (Drums) are taking to the stage six times over the next fifteen days in celebration of “Mr Spaceman“.

OVERDRIVE got the opportunity to speak to front man Britt about the upcoming Australian tour, which was also a good chance for this interviewer to catch up with Britt; last time they spoke was at the Dream On Dreamer show at the same venue not too long ago. This interviewer was first introduced to the Young Lions when they supported Red Jumpsuit Apparatus back in May; not only did they put on a blistering performance, but they were also at the merchandise table taking photos and signing anything fans wanted!

Britt was quick to express how “it’s been really awesome getting this album out; we’ve just been trucking along! I’ve been working on a bit of other music at the same time (as mentioned Britt also performs in Dream On Dreamer but also performs a solo set under the name XAK); there’s plenty of projects going as you can imagine. At the moment, I’m just really excited to get out on tour for this album; I can’t wait to finally play this stuff live!” Adding further to how much the band have been waiting to get out on the road and perform “Mr Spaceman”, Britt added that “we’ve been frothing at the mouth; it’s been almost two years in the pipeline! We were ready to play this a year ago to a year and a half ago, so we’ve been champing at the bit! We had to take our time with the whole production of the album and we’ve been able to catch up with our own production live; with the lighting and the visual aspect of it, it’s a really great art installation with everything as well. So it’s kinda cool we’ve had to take the time out for it!”

Britt elaborated how Young Lions have been super busy since touring on the Don’t You Fake It tour; considering it’s only been a few months, it’s quite an impressive feat:

“We’ve done two national tours since touring with Red Jumpsuit; we did a headline tour not long after that tour and then we did a national tour where we played our first album Burn in full. We figured that we probably wouldn’t be playing those songs all that often in the foreseeable future, so we decided to play the full album in full live and see how people took to it. It was good fun!”

Touching further on songs on the set-list, Britt was asked what song he is most excited to play off Mr Spaceman; Britt struggled to pick an answer at first:

“Oh man, I can’t wait to play ‘Better World’, ‘Freedom’ and ‘Message’; they’re songs that are really close to my heart! It might sound cliché, but because we’re playing the album from start to finish for the live show, it really has a collective feel to it just playing it in full. It’s hard to pick a favourite, but I’d probably have to put ‘Message’ up there; it’s my favourite to play out of the new songs.” Britt then went to discuss the reasoning behind playing the whole album, explaining how “it’s a real journey! That’s what I feel about this album; we really created it that so it only feels right to play it live! It’s something special; I feel that it’s really activating me in a different way as a front-man and I can see it in the guys. You can really feel the flow a lot stronger live; I think we’re going to have some real impact that we’ve never had before and I’m excited for! The sky is the limit for this album and we’re really bringing the heat!”

The Comfort were recently named as the support act for this upcoming tour; Britt gave an insight into how this came about!
“I actually went to school with some of the guys in The Comfort! I’ve known those guys for a long time, plus I also just really like their music; I’ve watched them at a bunch of shows over the last year or two and I’ve just really dug what they’ve been doing. We knew there was going to be a tour where we knew where we could take someone on tour and this just fell into place! We got talking to a few of our friends from other bands like Columbus and a few other epic bands both within and out of the scene but it unfortunately never came up hey. The Comfort just fell into place and we couldn’t be happier! It’s just nice to feel like you’re at home when you’re on the road and that’s something you can’t take for granted! It will give us a lot of comfort (laughs heartedly at the pun)”

This interviewer was curious what it was like to get to be the headline act on a tour compared to being a support act; Britt gave a very in-depth and professional insight which opened this interviewers mind to a whole new perspective:

“We love it man; I can really get around both things though! I love supporting bands when they come out from far and wide; it’s a real privilege to get to be their main support and get the crowd going for them. Plus it gives us a chance to see more people; as you personally you might have not seen us until a later date if we hadn’t been at that (Red Jumpsuit Apparatus) show, so it’s nice to be able to spread yourself out. But I’ll tell you what; there’s something special about getting to headline your own show! There’s something special about being able to do whatever you want on the night and plan it around your vision. I think the pressure is always on a little harder because when you’re headlining shows you’re selling your tickets, the pressure’s up to you to bring the people. When you’re going on tour with someone like Red Jumpsuit who sold out almost every night in decent size venues, sometimes it is easy to take that for granted! We’re learning that there are two sides to music and we’re learning that you’ve got to work hard to get people to your shows; I’m really excited that these headlining shows have been selling so well! Melbourne is like 70% of tickets sold, so it’s going to be really mad. The vibe’s good and we’re psyched!”

So what does the rest of 2017 hold for Young Lions after they finish this nationwide tour; have there been any talks about travelling overseas? Britt gave some more good advice to those in a band who are looking at travelling abroad:

“We’ve been talking to a bunch of overseas promoters for the last year or two; we contemplated going over to London and Berlin for a fair while last year, but a lot of things lead us to wanting to stay at home for a while before we built overseas. You can really cripple yourself financially easily over there! I’ve done a bunch of touring and I know what it’s like over there, so I’m not in any rush; the other guys are keen to do it, but they aren’t in any real rush to do it, as they want to do it when the time is right! There have been talks of us doing Warped next year, but we’re probably going to wait it out again for another year. We’ve got a bunch of tours being lined up within Australia next year, so we’re happy to just slog it out on home soil until we get an offer that makes it worthwhile for us to want to leave here. We’re possibly going to look at going to Asia or New Zealand within the next year; we’re definitely going to Japan next year, it’s already been booked in! Over the years I’ve learnt to let life flow and you’ll end up where you want eventually!”

Young Lions take the stage tonight on the first of six “Mr Spaceman” shows; make sure you come check out and support Australian music!