In support of their critically acclaimed sophomore EP ‘The Deathgate’, Melbourne Deathcore powerhouse ‘Gravemind’ have taken to the stage for 3 select release shows on the East Coast. OVERDRIVE was at The Workers Club for the Melbourne leg, and this is how it went down.

Opening the night were local Metalcore outfit ‘The Gloom in the Corner’. Their breakdown laden set captivated the small yet impressed crowd, with each song seeing more punters make their way to the front to bang their heads and fully immerse themselves in the start of the night. Vocalist ‘Mikey Arthur’s’ morbid stage moves equally matched his diverse vocal styles, although his repeated calls for pitting were left unanswered, showing that no punter at the Fitzroy venue was ready for spin kicking at 8:15 on a Thursday night. Towards the tail end of their set, the band broke into a heavily melodic track dominated with clean vocals that made for a soothing break from the chugging riffs and bass drops that consisted of the rest of their set.

Melodic, catchy and unrelenting. Those are the words I’d use to describe the 30 minutes of craziness that made up ‘Windwaker’s’ set. From the moment the intro tape rolled and the band broke into their first song, the half packed room turned electric, with vocalist ‘Will King’ commanding the stage while the rest of the band played their parts with razor sharp precision. After a motivational speech between songs as well the incentive for a free CD for the person in the crowd who showed the most energy, the pit picked up a bit, although it was clear punters were saving their energy for the headliners. The band’s combination of heavy djent riffs with soaring clean vocals made it clear why they’ve become such a reputable name in the scene. Even for someone who knew nothing about the band, I was captivated from start to finish, which is always a pleasant surprise. The stage show was what really impressed me about the Melbourne Metalcore quintet, with their tight and energetic set showing that the band is clearly a well-oiled machine, and a perfect fit for this bill.

After taking most of the year off from playing shows, ‘Blind Oracle’ were a band I’d been hanging to catch live for a long time. When the band took the stage though, it was a shame to see that they were a guitarist down for the night. Although his parts were played through the backing track, the set felt just a little empty in his absence. Guitarist ‘Chris Benson’ held down the fort though, delivering a level of technicality in his playing that no doubt left every guitarist in the room questioning their abilities. “We’re a little unprepared to say the least” said vocalist ‘Brodie Paul’ jokingly, commenting on the band’s performance, but the lack of preparation didn’t show, with the band continuing to deliver a set that left the now packed room in awe. The crowd unfortunately didn’t show too much energy for the band, but that’s understandable considering the majority would have been spending most of the set trying to comprehend the wizardry of what was happening on stage. I’m looking forward to seeing the band in full force, but unfortunately that night was not the night.

By the time I walked into the room shortly before the headliners ‘Gravemind’ started their set, the small venue was absolutely packed, with anticipation high in the air. It was evident that this was the band everyone was here to see, and as soon as the band broke into their set it was clear why. The triple guitar attack of the Melbourne 6 piece was only complimented by the huge stage production that consisted of a full light show that made the band’s set stand apart from the opening acts. Playing tracks from their latest release ‘The Deathgate’ absolutely note for note, it was obvious why Gravemind have attracted such a huge following in the scene, with fans screaming the lyrics and moshing exactly when vocalist ‘Dylan Gillies-Parsons’ commanded them to. The band’s onstage antics were extremely energetic too, with the crowd mirroring the band member’s actions when they’d break into headbanging sections. Their huge stage presence showed that the band are the real deal, with their technicality and precision leaving a look of awe on the faces of everyone in the crowd. The energy in the crowd had finally reached its peak also, with the band getting all the appreciation they deserved from every punter who came out. If they keep up this level of live performance, I can see Gravemind quickly going from strength to strength as one of the strongest forces in the Australian Deathcore scene.

Photos by Dylan Martin