You know there’s a near sold out concert in Eatons Hill when upon arrival the supermarket is packed with black merch shirts; labelled with their favourite band of the night. Tonight was no different as the EH hosted a triple bill of national and international talent; Columbus from Brisbane, Hellions from Sydney and the mighty You Me At Six from across the other side of the world in the United Kingdom. 

Anticipation rose during the wait between doors and Columbus performing, but that bubble burst when the home town trio graced the stage. Seeing a band play in their home town usually brings out the loyal fans for that band and Columbus has a fair few who followed them from the safe haven of the city out to the Eatons Hill Hotel.

Columbus performed a solid 35-40 set of their old a new hits to a very positive reaction throughout the all ages crowd. You couldn’t wipe the smile off of Alex Moses as you could tell he was enjoying every second of their set. Alex did point out that Daniel needed some love due to the placement of his drum set on the very crowded stage they were performing on; Alex reiterates “Drummers need equality too.”

Some bands grow over time and change their sound quite drastically. This can make or break bands, but fortunately for Sydney’s own Hellions, this was not one of their problems at all. The change in sound has seen them sky rocket to bigger shows, better tours to support and a much more enjoyable sound.

With not one, not two, but three vocals entwining during songs Hellions kept the room moving with nearly as much energy present on stage within themselves. Singer Dre Faivre, as unique as he comes, produced some very enticing vocals that gave a new feel to the term nu metal.

Having released ‘Opera Oblivia’ in late 2016, Hellions set tonight consisted of a mixed set both old and new. The energy in the room was unreal as the unique sound of the band kept the tempo going and heart racing. If there is ever band you’re unsure about on CD, do yourself a favour and go and see them live at least once. They might surprise you, like Hellions have done so for myself.

As the darkness filled the room and one light shone upon the centre microphone, Josh Francheshi walked out onto the stage with a mission: to leave old fans with the smile on their face that they expect to have while watching the band, and to leave new fans with another band to listen to on the daily. This band is as real as they come, bringing what only could feel as genuine love and compassion for their fan base.

Opening with ‘Spell It Out’ and fan favourite ‘Bite My Tongue’, Eatons Hill Hotel were lifted of their feet, going word for word with the band and not losing a beat while doing so. Travelling all the way from the UK to Australia is a haul in itself, but as Josh said; “The flight is gruelling but worth it to see such passionate and persistent fans across the globe.” With tracks across albums new and old like ‘Loverboy’, ‘No One Does It Better’, ‘Night People’, and ‘Save It For The Bedroom’, You Me At Sic proved why the have such a loyal fan base not only in Australia but around the world. The honest and compassionate vocals of Josh combined with Max and Chris’ duelling guitar tones bring this band to life, while Matt and Dan keep the band following their lead on the bass and the drums.

During the song ‘Loverboy Josh seems to grab a photographers camera and starts to take photos of not only the band but the crowd, much to the eager excitement of the grand ballroom inside the EH. As the band went off the stage to prepare for the encore the crowd was heard chanting “one more song, one more song!”, to which Josh replied two minutes later with “fuck one try four!”

Closing with ‘Stay With Me’, ‘Reckless’, ‘Underdog’ and ‘Room To Breathe’, the crowd was left more than satisfied with You Me At Six and the amazing supports in Hellions and Columbus.

I have now seen You Me At Six four times live and I can tell you this band just keeps setting the bar for themselves and beating it every time. They are like a fine wine as they keep getting better with age. These members within You Me At Six are some of the kindest souls on the planet and it shows not only on the stage through their music but before and after the shows with fan interaction.

I look forward to listen to the new album when it arrives and when You Me At Six travel back down under again.