Brunswick Street was full of energy on Friday night when this reviewer made his way out to The Evelyn Hotel to catch the Young Lions performing their first show on the Mr Spaceman Tour! Even though I arrived at just after 7pm, there was an insane amount of people already; the outside sitting area at the Evelyn was filled to the max with people enjoying the fact that it was Friday evening, which symbolized the end of the long working week. There was also quite a few people sitting inside and awaiting the start of the football.

Doors were scheduled to open at 8:30, but the small delay meant that not only did the eager crowds anticipation increase, but the number of fans waiting entry also increased! The first band on the stage this evening was Melbourne’s own Spectral Fires and they didn’t disappoint; this five-piece of home-grown talent had a very large sound, which blew away those who came down early and checked them out. At 9pm, the dual guitarists, the bassist and the drummer assumed their positions on stage, whilst the lead singer assumed his on the little extended runway of the stage and started stomping around like a very young Mitch Lucker from Suicide Silence. Before the fourth song of the six song set, the lead singer explained how this song started as a conversation between himself and his old man; the main inspiration behind the song was how people usually regret not taking chances when they had the opportunity to. For those interested, ‘Turnover’ was the song name. Overall, Spectral Fires played a very fast paced and high energy show; the only negative came when the lead singer accidentally pulled out the guitarist’s cord from the amp.

After Spectral Fire walked off the stage at just on 9:30, there was only a small wait before The Comfort walked out on stage at 9:50; having spoken to Young Lions front-man Zachary Britt during the week and finding out that The Comfort were chosen by him personally, this reviewer had high expectations and was not disappointed! The first three songs of the set were more fast paced, frantic and high energy before The Comfort decided to slow down a gear and play some “songs about love”. Before leading into their fourth song ‘Dysphasia’, the bass player came out and not only explained how “this song was written during a darker time and it reminds me that these dark moments don’t last forever; so it’s fun to play!” but also went on to mention that The Comfort’s main purpose is that “we strive to shine the light on mental illness, because it is a big deal! If it isn’t you personally, it’s most likely that the person next to you has suffered at some point!” The Comfort graced the stage for six songs and thirty minutes in total, which was enough time to really enjoy their set.

The Young Lions graced the stage at approximately 10:55pm to a roof raising cheer from those in attendance! After Morgan Castle picked up his bass and Matt Gibson donned his signature position behind his drum-kit, the crowd were in for an amazing treat; the three large LED screens that laid dormant at the back of the stage light up with visions of space as Britt launched into ‘Out of the Dark’. The almost sold out crowd sang back in unison word for word, assisting Britt in a beautiful harmony. ‘Blue Heaven’ led the way for fan favourite ‘Burn the Money’, which elevated the roof off the Evelyn even more! ‘Destroy Me’ resulted in Britt jumping into the crowd and he ended up standing on the sound desk throughout the entire song, to the enjoyment of those at the back of the venue.

After making his way back on stage to join the rest of the band, Britt launched into ‘Better World’, having removed his custom black jacket with a space design and ‘Mr Spaceman’ in a smoky scrawl taking up the entire back. The first interlude followed, fully utilizing the three screens that illuminated the band and the audience; this reviewer found out later that even though the screens were on only 15% of their max brightness, they lit up the venue flawlessly! This first interlude paved the way for Young Lions to lead into ‘Headspace’; ‘Relativity’ and ‘Message’ continuing to get those in attendance to sing in a harmony that accentuated Britt’s vocals perfectly in such an intimate venue. Numerous shouts from the crowd for Britt to “do a shoe-y” resulted in Britt stating that “I’ve done enough shoe-ys over my time and I’ve paid my dues!”

The second interlude (which took full advantage of the visual screens behind the band yet again) was followed by ‘Freedom’, which was the last song before a mini break for Castle and Gibson; they got talking to fans as Britt grabbed an acoustic guitar to perform ‘Mr Spaceman’, delivering a beautiful solo performance. ‘Anxiety’ and ‘Superhuman’ rounded out the set and drew the Young Lions performance to a close, those in attendance most definitely getting their monies worth for the $20 they were charged to enter!


Out of the Dark

Blue Heaven

Burn the Money

Destroy Me

Better World

Interlude 1 (Headspace)




Interlude 2 (Swells)


Mr. Spaceman (Britt Acoustic)