Sometimes it unfortunately takes one thing to end for there to be the opportunity to have magic happen; this was the case back in 2010. After The Messenger disbanded, Kevin Jordan (Vocals/Guitar) and Anthony Del Grosso (Guitar) teamed up to create The Wild Life in December of the same year. 2014 bought about This Wild Life’s debut album Clouded via Epitaph Records, which was released in three editions; the Standard Edition, the Deluxe Edition (which had 3 extra songs) and the Atmosphere Edition (which had 6 extra songs). This Wild Life followed up Clouded in 2016 when they released their sophomore album Low Tides, much to the delight of fans; this also bought about some live performances across the United States supporting such bands as Mayday Parade for their Black Lines tour!

This Wild Life is getting the opportunity to support Mayday Parade once again, this time down on Australian shores for Mayday Parade’s 10th Anniversary tour celebrating their debut album A Lesson In Romantics. OVERDRIVE was fortunate to get to speak to This Wild Life front man Kevin Jordan about the upcoming tour of Australia, the first topic of discussion being how excited This Wild Life are to get to support Mayday Parade on such an important tour; Jordan expressed that “we’re really excited! The first time we ever went to Australia we were playing in small clubs; it actually before our first full length was even out, so we were playing off an EP and we were playing covers every time. The second time we came out was about six months after Clouded came out; we played the last Soundwave Festival was which incredible for us and a huge jump up for us! So getting to not only come back with a second album under our belt, we’re also getting a longer set time as we’re the only opening band on this tour; that’s going to allow us to play a lot of the old stuff and mix in some of the new stuff. Sometimes 30 minutes isn’t enough to get your point across, so we’re glad to get 45 minutes each night. I don’t like going to a show and there’s five bands playing who are only getting 20 minutes each; I feel that being so limited really restricts your creative abilities within the set making process”.

Touching further on how This Wild Life played at Soundwave last time they were on our shores, Jordan went on to explain how playing in smaller venues here is going to make a difference to their performance:

“I think for our sounds and our performance, we definitely benefit more from being inside a venue rather than being outside; not only are we dealing with the elements, but we’re also hearing all the other stages blasting in our direction. When it comes to a lot of our softer stuff; when we are able to control the vibe of the room and what the crowd hears, I think that our music has a hell of a lot more charm when we’re indoors with proper lighting! For those who saw us at Soundwave and you enjoyed it, you’re going to love this a lot more because we shine a lot more when we are in clubs. I think when we first started playing live, one of our first tours was Warped Tour so we can hold our own on a festival stage, but there’s something about the atmosphere with our music and the crowd reaction/the way we interact with the crowd that goes off a lot better indoors.”

Just how did This Wild Life get to support Mayday Parade on such an iconic tour; Jordan explained that it was something that had been in the works for a long time!

“We supported them about a year and a half ago for their last record Black Lines; that was a full US tour of about 40 shows as they do some pretty lengthy tours here in the US. We got to spend almost two months out on the road and just kind of became friends with the guys on that tour. We got that tour because they must have liked the sound of the band and wanted to give us a shot! Their fans were quite receptive thankfully; our bands sound pretty different but because lyrically and emotionally we touch on a lot of the same topics, their crowd was so welcoming. When we got the opportunity to come out here and tour with them again was really a no-brainer; it was also very humbling because they’re going on to celebrate a 10 year milestone! The fact that they gave us the opportunity to come out here was really humbling; it would make no difference if they had a different opening band, or absolutely nobody opening as they would still sell out these venues regardless.”

Just what can Australian fans expect on this upcoming run of shows; are they going to be seeing anything different to last time? Jordan explained how much the duo have progressed in the last few years:

“Playing Soundwave was pretty early in our touring career and at the time it was just playing the two of us with one guitar each; we’ve probably played a couple of hundred shows since then and definitely made some adjustments to help develop a new performance! Anthony jumps on the drums now, plus we have a third member that sings additional harmonies with us, as well as playing keys and bass to kinda fill out the song. It’s a very difference experience to what we put on at Soundwave; some of the same elements are there like where we rely on the passion of the performance, but we’ve definitely stepped up our live game!”

So what does the rest of the year hold for This Wild Life? Jordan explained how they’re going to be very busy from this point out, going on to mention that “after we get home from Australia, we head into the third studio to get to work on our third record! We’ve been writing that for the last month or so, so we’re about 70-80% of the way done with the demo process; we’ve also made some song selections for the record. We’re really deep in it and I think the next couple of weeks are going to shake out the end of the writing process for us; once you get into the studio, it’s the second half of the songs where they begin to take shape. For me, that is the most exciting part of being in a band; I enjoy the touring and the performing for the fans, but making the record is the biggest treat and the most gratifying! We get in at the beginning of November, so we’re getting nice and close to D-Day; it’s been a nerve-wracking performance but I’m really excited at the same time. It’s been a fun process writing this album so far.”