Truth time Ladies and Gentleman, or however you wish to identify yourself in these times that are certainly a-changin’, to quote some famous old dude, I was a little surprised to end up reviewing this album and that’s a fact. Having not listened to much of this style for quite some time, preferring in my old age to go back to the simplicity of death metal, I had pretty much forgone a lot of other stuff for a long time. I probably needed a good prod to remind me that metal isn’t a one-note scene.

Did I get that Prod? Well yes, more like a punch to the throat really, although at times a subtle tap, other times the full five knuckles straight to the jugular, but in truth never a miss. I present to you Australia’s own Arteries.

This 5 piece packet of anger and beauty are no newcomers to the scene, haunting the picturesque streets of Newtown for a while now, they have also had the honour of winning Triple J’s Unearthed earlier this year, as well as supporting such acts as Bleeding Through, Northlane and Protest The Hero to name a few. If you are a fan of any of the aforementioned you will probably be able to get a grip on this quite easily. It just so happens that I am not, so I am in the perfect position to give a fairly unbiased review.

Comprising of Brendan Dafter on vocal duties, which I can easily attest to sounding like he is in a world of angst, agony and sheer bloody aggro supported by the eight-string guitar playing virtuosos (yes eight string because it’s not like six strings are hard enough for us mere mortals) Daniel Graham and Braithe Selby, all held together by the skin-pounding of Zak Borg on drums and the steady rumble of Kris Amato on the bass.

The only way I can describe these young musical prodigies is that they bring a sound full of dissonant riffs and roaring fury complete with off-kilter time signatures that’ll bend your ears one minute and then just as suddenly break into majestic almost ethereal slower pieces of musical wonder that often had me wondering if I’d stepped into some bizarre dimension where Meshuggah got gene-spliced with just a tad bit of Tool and they had a baby with our very own The Butterfly Effect and the resultant child was named, well, these guys.

Of course my opinions are my own, and I would hate to insult or offend anyone by my comparisons, as I am also loath to do track by track breakdowns of any album as it tends to get a bit boring after a while, and there are only so many words one can use to describe songs (which so far I have already used some of), so if anything of the above tickles your fancy then I suggest you get on the crazy train to Arteries town and have a listen. I for one am pleasantly surprised by what I have heard, and as such will now dig back through their other releases.

Quality music performed by some very talented individuals, possibly familiar to some of you out there but well worth a spin for the uninitiated, This Will Destroy Usmay just do that, in the nicest brutal sort of way possible. Perhaps start with Black Teeth, it’ll give you a fair indication of where you are headed, and maybe also a trip to the dentist once your teeth have been smashed in.

Rating – 85/100