Getting to The Tivoli and realising that you may be close to the youngest there is always a weird feeling, as you’re about to embark on a trip back in time, 20 years to be exact. With only two bands playing tonight it was sure to go straight into overdrive, with The Mercy Kills opening for the anniversary tour of Everclear’s ‘So Much For The Afterglow‘. The room quickly flooded with punters much older than myself, all eager to grab a beer and some merch to celebrate the 20 years of an album they grew up listening to.

The Mercy Kills; a two girl, two guy dirty rock band from St Kilda in Melbourne, open with a high-energy, raw-sounding boom which had the room nodding their heads in approval. With the dual vocals from both Mark E and Jennifer X, they brought upon a sound very reminiscent of Velvet Revolver and The Cult.

Playing hit songs such as ‘Can’t Stop’, ‘New Rule’ and ‘So Many Times’ this band has obviously come a long way since forming in 2010. They’re no stranger to supporting someone international either as they’ve opened for The Misfits, The Killing Joke and Deathstars. With bass heavy and guitar driven riffs they finished to a very lively crowd applause, and a new fan of their music in me.

During the intermission, the crowd dispersed for a moment, more than likely to get a quick beer or three in before Everclear graced the stage. As the room slowly began to fill up the lights went out and it had begun. ‘So Much For The Afterglow‘ in its entirety. And Brisbane is the first place on their world tour to see it. Opening with the title track ‘So Much For The Afterglow’ the crowd immediately accepted the band as they walked out to devil horns raised and beers in the air! They continued the trend of playing the album in full as they followed on with ‘Everything To Everyone’ which had everyone jumping along the bass bounce echoing the Tivoli walls.

‘Normal Like You’ and ‘Father of Mine’ were up next and then they played ‘One Hit Wonder,’ which frontman Art Alexakis said was a song they wrote when people called them a one hit wonder after the release of their album prior to SMFTA, called Sparkle and Fade (which had their famous track ‘Santa Monica’ on it).

Changing things up a notch they drifted away from their album anniversary and played ‘Heroin Girl’ from Sparkle and Fade. The crowd overpowered Alexakis with their singing and the band couldn’t keep their smiles from their faces. He thanked Brisbane for the love and said that the other cities have got a standard to follow now. Following suit they played through the album SMFTA and kept the crowd on an adrenaline high. Finishing with ‘Wonderful’ and their crowd pleaser ‘Santa Monica’ the crowd went ballistic and made sure they savoured every last moment of this tour. For a band I haven’t seen before, I thoroughly enjoyed the energy they had on stage, the connection they had with fans old and new and the awesome vibe flowing through the Tivoli.

A band like Everclear; from the little city of Portland Oregon in the USA, sure knows how to translate feelings into their music as I felt like I travelled back in time to when they released this. It felt like a trip through their life as a band, and I enjoyed every moment from start to finish. It’s a sad feeling that it’s over but I left with love for a new band and a smile on my face… which is how you should leave any gig you go to.



‘So Much For The Afterglow’

‘Everything To Everyone’

‘Normal Like You’

‘Father Of Mine’

‘One Hit Wonder’

‘Heroin Girl’

‘Heartspark Dollarsign’

‘Nervous And Weird’

‘El Distorto De Melodica’


‘White Men In Black Suits’


‘Why I Don’t Believe In God’

‘Like A California King’


‘Local God’


‘Santa Monica’