Hailing from the northern region of New South Wales, Fly Agaric consists of Ralph Kynoch (Vocals/Guitars), Tom Learmonth (Vocals/Bass), Jamox Frazier (Guitars) and Ned Cain (Drums). They’ve taken their influences from great bands such as Alice In Chains and Queens Of The Stone Age to name a few; which really shows in their seven song EP Amanita Muscaria, which was released earlier May this year.

Opening track ‘Meteora’ sets the tune for the next 30 plus minutes, as Fly Agaric really let their instruments lead the way; the first quarter of this almost seven minute masterpiece is an epic instrumental that really has your head nodding along with the rhythm! The lyrics go on to describe the end of the world and wanting to go out close to your nearest and dearest friend when it does so, very emotionally charged vocals pair perfectly with the screaming guitars and the rhythmic drums. Just over four minutes in, Fly Agaric change the tempo and shift it into high gear, shredding your face off with chugging bass and furious licks, before fading out into complete silence!

Second track ‘What Is Said Is Done’ keeps the high energy going, with the instruments once again speaking for themselves! Opening lyrics “Ashes to ashes, dust to dust; live for the day, as if it’s your last” really hitting home from the get go; Kynoch and Learmouth really pairing well and working in harmony, much like on ‘Meteora’!

The Mirror Doesn’t Lie’ starts off nice and heavy, once again Fly Agaric are letting their instruments writing the opening statements of this third track; the chorus “You don’t want, to face the truth; you don’t want, to face you” a hard hitting right hook that catches you off guard the first time you hear it sung! The breakdown riff that kicks in at the halfway point somehow shifts into a higher gear, with a nice rough but polished sound getting the head nodding faster and heavier!

Coming in at the halfway point on the album, ‘Spare Me’ is a plea that goes unanswered; Fly Agaric comes at you with an even more aggressive sound that pins you against the wall like a Category 4 hurricane. ‘Spare Me’ is the plea of a man who is begging for forgiveness from the Lord, who ends up questioning whether it was well worth praying in the end, as he goes on to believe that “it wouldn’t make a difference, anyway; and did you hear the words I say”

Starting out with nice clean guitars, upbeat drums and softer vocals, ‘We Will Be One’ is a nice curveball that comes out of left field! Coming in at the second shortest track at just over three minutes, it is quite a shame as this refreshing upbeat vibe wasn’t around long enough to fulfill this reviewer’s wants and needs!

Thankfully ‘What Goes Around’ caught this reviewer off guard with an unexpected right and fulfilled the upbeat desire that was left wanting more after ‘We Will Be One’; the vocals of Kynoch and Learmouth pair nicely over the clean, polished and upbeat tempo of ‘What Goes Around’! The song ends just as quick as it started, ending the urge to jump around instead of head-bang as quickly as it started.

Closing out Amanita Muscaria, ‘Black Clouds’ is also the longest song on the album; which is just the closing statement that Fly Agaric had in mind when recording this album! Resorting back to the more heavier influenced sounds, ‘Black Clouds’ has a very beautiful and peaceful tempo change about ninety seconds in, before the heavier grungier sound wrestles back control! ‘Black Clouds’ takes you on a rollercoaster throughout the eight and a half minutes of existence that it occupies, but it most definitely wishes that there was more to Amanita Muscaria!