Seeing someone as legendary as Glenn Hughes perform songs from Deep Purple (while he was in the band in the mid 70’s) was sure to be a hit amongst the much older classic rock-loving crowd tonight. As a change of scenery and my usual standing venues I visit, tonight was being held at the Queensland Performing Arts Centre better known as QPAC.  As I got to the venue, it was already filling quite quickly with old rockers everywhere. My love for old rock has always generated from my father who was a big Deep Purple fan, so going to see Glenn Hughes without him felt weird but I knew I’d enjoy it nonetheless.

Once the venue started to fill it was visible that the big back drop was very 70’s-esque, a Deep Purple style tribute banner with the name Glenn Hughes on top. Just seeing that gave me goosebumps and made me think back to when Deep Purple were in their prime.

As the lights went out the crowd erupted with cheers, knowing that Glenn Hughes and his band were seconds away from making the stage in QPAC their own. Hearing the opening notes from the song ‘Stormbringer’ brought some people out of their seat. With a voice that had a range of lows and very high highs, Glenn Hughes was here and he wasn’t leaving till he made his mark in Brisbane.

If you closed your eyes, it sounded nearly as close to seeing Deep Purple in the mid 70’s. Glenn’s voice was impeccable and his high notes at his age were legendary. ‘You Fool No One‘ was up next and the combined vocals of Glenn and his guitarist were well performed, as it was evident on the crowds faces that they were all enjoying this performance. Approaching the halfway mark and Glenn Hughes was putting other younger bands I’ve seen to shame. With his energy level and his age he was proving that anything is possible and that you always put 100% effort into anything to do. Much to the excitement of the QPAC theatre Glenn went into ‘This Time Around‘ from the album Come Taste The Band and ‘Holy Man‘ from Stormbringer.

Synth solos weren’t something I thought I’d ever see but tonight had every member of Glenn Hughes band rip into solos of their own. The synth solo was an interesting spectacle and it kept the audience wondering what this group couldn’t do. Happy smiles, electric energy and classic rock at its finest is what they were providing the entire QPAC theatre with.

Hearing the three chord progression of ultimately Deep Purple’s biggest song ‘Smoke On The Water‘ was something I’d only ever thought I would hear from my father while he played guitar. When the band went into the song the theatre itself erupted and from what I could gather, no one was sitting in their seat by then…but who in their right mind would when one of classic rocks biggest anthems was being performed live for you by one of Deep Purple’s members (who I might add was present in the band during the time of their most well known albums Machine Head and Burn.)


Thanking the crowd quickly Glenn Hughes and his band ran off stage as the lights stayed off. Eager fans knew this wasn’t finished yet and quickly starting yelling “Encore!”

Coming back out to yet another round of applause and cheers, Glenn Hughes and co broke into my personal favourite and the first song off of the critically acclaimed album Machine Head Highway Star.’ Even I couldn’t help yelling out the words while the audience did the same with me. Not only that but it didn’t sound any different to the album it came off in 1972. It was an absolute perfect performance, capped of with the final song ‘Burn.‘ From the guitar solo to the synth solo, the audience were left smiling as they left the venue.

Usually I wouldn’t enjoy seated concerts as much as standing but tonight proved me wrong. With a strong 12 song set and mini stories about his short but legendary career with Deep Purple, Glenn Hughes blew me away and proved that regardless of your age, you can do anything you set your mind to.

If I can recommend anything after witnessing this spectacular performance it would be that if you’re unsure about a concert or it’s venue, give it a go as it may surprise you like QPAC and Glenn Hughes did tonight for me. The only way tonight would’ve been better is if my father was here watching it with me instead of being two states away. Nonetheless it was an A+ night and left all concert-goers happy and talking about their favourite parts.



Might Just Take Your Life

Sail Away


You Fool No One

This Time Around

Holy Man

Gettin’ Tighter

You Keep On Moving

Smoke On The Water/Georgia On My Mind



Highway Star