Since their formation in 2003, August Burns Red have evolved into one of the biggest names worldwide in the modern Metalcore scene, continually growing and connecting fiercely with a colossal legion of fans. Two years since their last record Found In Far Away Places; the Metalcore giants are back with brand new material in the form of Phantom Anthem and I was presented with the opportunity to listen, review and share my thoughts will all of you reading this. So is Phantom Anthem worth the lesson? Read on!

This new album kicks off with the fast paced “King Of Sorrow”, this song is extremely heavy throughout but it quickly takes a step back into a horrific feeling piano section. It also as some of the most impressive sounding melodic guitar solos I have ever heard. The solo work kind of reminded me of something Grant Kirkhope would have written for an old Rare video game. So that’s a plus in my book!

The next song “Dangerous” opens with a chilling piano part and then quickly kicks into gear with some heavy fast paced riff work that is expected from the Metalcore genre. At about 1:35 in the song we are treated to an extremely cool sounding bridge starting with classical sounding guitars as well as some groovy as hell low synth. I was constantly playing this part over and over again.

“Carbon Copy” initially started off sounding like a typical generic Metalcore song but later redeemed itself with what I would say is an incredibly melodic chorus. I feel that the addition of clean vocals into said chorus could have it perfect. Unfortunately half way through this track everything sort of just started to blend in.

Unfortunately the next couple of songs I thought felt very generic and they sort of just sounded the same with the exception of some notable riffs here and there. One thing that must be acknowledged however is the incredible guitar work throughout, especially in the song “The Frost”.

“Invisible Enemy” which was the first single to be released immediately caught my attention with the eerie sounding synth at the start and I really enjoyed the fast tapping lead throughout this track, definitely one of the better tracks on this album.

“Coordinates” featured some semi clean vocals which was a nice welcomed change of pace.

The one major downside to this album is the constant use of the same chugging riffs that although are common in the Metalcore genre could have been implemented in a much more creative way. Don’t let that hinder your opinion of this album though as this is still an extremely heavy record.

The final track “Float” opens with some extremely impressive clean guitars only to quickly head back into the same direction as the rest of the album, with that being said however the rest of the song from half way onwards is an absolute melodic banger.

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