Having considered that their first ever Australian headline tour had sold out within ten hours, I knew that there was gonna be something incredible about to happen at the Corner Hotel for One Ok Rock. The Japanese alternative rock quartet have been known to sell out quickly in stadiums across their home country, but to see them back in Australia in such an intimate venue, would be something else for the Western audience.

With no proper support acts taking part in the show, the gig was supplied with a DJ under the moniker of Boffatron. Having to wait from 7:30pm up until 9:30pm with no bands would seem as though it was going to be a painful wait. However, with the amount of 90’s/00’s punk and metal anthems popping up from Boffatron’s mixing desk, she brought classics such as American Idiot, In The End, Fat Lip and many more. Many around the room got up and danced and sang along to the tracks blaring from the stage to the venue doors.

Being right by the mixing desk, all I could see from my point of view were mobile phones from the many One Ok Rock fans that had been lining up for the show since the early morning. Even the big arena shows I had been to in the past, couldn’t compare to the amount of phones that got in my way of seeing the band perform their magic. But that didn’t really bother me, as I was enthralled by all the powerful singalongs that bellowed from the voices of hundreds of dedicated followers of One Ok Rock.

A bulk of One Ok Rock’s material on their setlist was derived from their latest record “Ambitions” while also executing a handful of tracks from other LPs of theirs including Mighty Long Fall, Clock Strikes, The Beginning and Wherever You Are. While a trickle of those songs are known to contain Japanese lyrics, One Ok Rock implemented English renditions of the tracks, except for Bon Voyage and sang some of the Japanese dialogue in The Beginning and Clock Strikes.

Even though a show is all about putting on a good performance, the thing that made One Ok Rock stand out from many other acts was the fact that they were there to have fun. It may sound a bit cheesy, but it’s one of the main components of giving something good to the audience. They may be professional troubadours of rock music, but they know how to have fun with it and engage with the crowd very well.

Considering that I had seen One Ok Rock two years prior, at the final Soundwave Festival in Melbourne, I had already been impressed by the energy that’s derived from their onstage characteristics. But having seen them now at their very own headline set, this was the One Ok Rock in their element. Something that’s guaranteed to happen from One Ok Rock is not only another album from them after the current touring cycle, but also another Australian tour to go down. So, if the lot of you reading this missed out on tickets for their Australian tour, don’t fret – they’ll be back sooner than you think!