The meteoric rise of Melbourne Hardcore Punk sextet The Avenue Project continues with the release of a yet another film clip for the opening track off their recently released ‘Havoc‘ EP, entitled ‘Kaoss’.

Vocalist Chris Mercuri had this to say about the song: “This is us reaching out to everyone who will understand and hopefully use these words for a positive change amongst all this chaos”. The chaos is referring to those people in our society who sit in their ivory towers and cause all the drama, hysteria and social division that the common person goes through on a daily basis while having no desire or even ability to go through such things themselves.  There is one line in particular that sums this up perfectly: “We can stop all of their chaos, we project all this chaos, we can stop all of their chaos, we allow all this chaos”. Essentially, we can sit around bitching about being hard done by, but unless you want to just sit back and allow it to happen, you are quite capable of doing something about it.

The clip features the band members in a sterile-white environment playing through the track and features a brilliant special effect where each of them has chaotic scenes and imagery projected either in them or on them, depending on your perspective, in what appears to be a visual display of the turmoil represented in the song. This technique is the master-stroke of producer Andrew Basso of Electrum Photography. TAP features two vocalists who command attention throughout the clip as well as highlighting the performance skills of the other four members. The rhythm of the main vocal part is an absolute earworm and it’s guaranteed that this song will stick in your head. You’ll probably want to hit play again immediately after the first viewing.

If you still haven’t heard of The Avenue Project, it’s absolutely worth starting off with this clip, but it’s a must to check out their EP and their other clips as well. At the moment there’s no news to be found on an upcoming tour, but if you do get the chance to catch these guys in their hometown, Melbourne, or anywhere else they might pop up, you are guaranteed and neck-snapping good time.