The new album ‘Invaders’ by WarCall is an absolutely pulverising release by this trio of seasoned road warriors. These Canadians launch it with Piste which sounds just like ones like flying down a monster ski slope, slamming the listener into their great sound straight away, taking no prisoners! They are asserting their mark on you immediately. If you don’t know the band, they’re showing you from the start how they are… Loud, fast, and in your face!!

The band are influenced by Iron Maiden, Metallica, Motorhead, Slayer, possibly Dutch band Razorblade too, and meld their sounds into their own. ‘Invaders’ is a concept album around humans fighting back an alien invasion which is conveying a message to stand up to oppression, resist, to not surrender.

This album, their third, of well-crafted thrash metal is quite crisp in its production. Though the sound is derivative of its forebears is also a somewhat unique creation. Take for example The Man Who Suffers and closing track Alien Forces which are the album’s longest tracks. The longer length of the tunes allows the aural creations the space to breathe, where WarCall get to really release their ‘Maiden’ licks out with their deft fingers, like said previously, they do craft it all well and made definitely into WarCall!

My fave tracks include the crushing opener Piste, Riding With Zombies – about grueling life on the road touring, about resistance, Bully Bastard (encouraging people to stand up for yourself) is a killer of a track which possesses a monster guitar sound, and Para Belum which incorporates a back-up singer in parts and a small choir outro but still manages to seamlessly retain its hard as nails thrash sound. Alien Forces closes the album ‘Invaders’ and it’s a well-placed brutal tune for it, with its concept of ‘the last battle, we prevail, but will they be back?’ fittingly conveyed.

With ‘Invaders’ WarCall have an album of killer tracks which will stand well in their discography. The messages it conveys are fitting, empowering, apt and the concept of the album works extremely well with their great sound. As the album does, it’ll totally floor many punters not ready for it in a live situation I’m certain. Like your thrash, metal, or hardcore, and looking for something new then this is an album really worth checking out.