Sixth Dimension is a real treat to listen to. It has everything you could want from a Power Metal band; it has jaw dropping solos, great vocals by the very talented Ashley Edison and it’s a damn good album to just chuck on when you want to feel like you’re on your way to kill a stupidly big dragon.

Its opening track ‘Lords of Tomorrow’ is a brilliant opener and gives you a great idea of what the other eight tracks will be like. Rich Smith‘s drumming really shines through on this five-minute epic and blends with the rest of the band extremely well. This is what a band on exactly the same wavelength sounds like. It’s not hard to tell that these lads love what they’re doing. Sixth Dimension is their first release since 2011’s Blood Alliance and it’s safe to say that Power Quest are back with a vengeance.

‘Starlight City’ is the next track in the line-up and doesn’t disappoint either. It’s not quite as strong as ‘Lords’ but it’s still a fantastically fun track. The guitars of Glyn Williams and Andrew Kopczyk along with the bass of Paul Finne are the highlight of this song.

‘Kings and Glory’ is my favourite of the album. I can’t rave about this song enough. It’s the third track and first single of the album. It starts with beautiful synth and then adds some absolutely gorgeous guitar. It’s one of those songs that I’ll be playing on repeat for quite some time. It’s unique and different but also so Power Quest it hurts. If you listen to any song on this album, make it this one. So much passion and love is put into this track, it’s an instant staple.

Unfortunately ‘Face the Raven’ is a low point in an album full of high points. It’s not a bad song by any means, it’s just a little bit forgettable. While instrumentally very good it just didn’t pull me in like the rest of the album has. You can’t win ’em all.

Power Quest

Another personal favorite track of mine was ‘Coming Home,’ the second last on the album preceding the album’s title song. It’s lyrically lovely and makes me think of an epic quest to find your way back where you belong, which I’m sure was the intention. It’s a melodic beauty and such a fun uplifting song that I dare you to listen to it without feeling a little bit better. It’s the perfect song for a long drive with your favourite people.

The album’s title song ‘The Sixth Dimension’ is an eight-minute long journey. It’s got a deliciously long intro that really gets you ready for Edison’s vocals. It’s a bit darker than the rest of the album and I think it really pays off. It’s a very interesting song in all of its aspects. They have a lot to proud of with this song. It’s almost psychedelic in its lyricism and imagery and that’s very fun to see in a Power Metal band. It also employs the stunning guest vocals of Anette Olzon who really brings the song over the edge. It’s hypnotic and unapologetic. A great end to a great album.

Sixth Dimension is a banger of an album and deserves a hell of a lot of praise. It manages to avoid the trap that a lot of Power Metal falls into where songs sound almost indistinguishable from each other. Power Quest is a breath of fresh air and if they sound anything like the album, I would gladly follow these lads into the Sixth Dimension.



Power Quest - Sixth Dimension