Every now and then here in Australia, we have one of those days where we’re graced with the opportunity to witness some of the greatest talented acts that the rest of the world have yet to catch. Luckily, Brisbanian four-piece Osaka Punch are one of many that our country are fortunate to have. With their How We Operate tour starting in Melbourne, we got to behold the magnificent band at the Evelyn Hotel with the support of Majora and Cityhalls, and here’s a little bit of what went down.

The first band of the evening, who made their first ever onstage appearance that evening, Cityhalls, opened with an eerie start for the first few seconds, only to then proceed to a heavier progression. The quartet arose to an alternative prog style similar to that of Circa Survive, followed by elements of funk, indie, and even a little bit of post-rock here and there. Considering that this was their debut onstage, I have to say, it was quite mesmerising for an act that just started performing live shows. With a good number of patrons hanging around, many were left with a good impression for Cityhalls, and undoubtedly, deserved every bit of the love that was being shared with them.

Next up were Newcastle-based instrumental quintet Majora, who had a rather enticing and captivating style of prog music. With moments of abrasive, yet ethereal work on the guitars, droning tones from the bass and the atmospheric vibes from the keys, this felt much like being driven into a new world through space, fast and slow. Throughout their timeslot, they had a chic that was comparable to the likes of Plini and Sleepmakeswaves, mixing post-rock with a lot of progressive sections. With the audience building up a little more, like Cityhalls, Majora received a very warm reception throughout the set, and had one of the most natural onstage approaches I had seen from some of the smaller bands I had seen in the past.

With the opening theme of the clay animation series The Trap Door starting, Osaka Punch proceeded to do a bunch of goofy dance moves before launching straight into the set with ‘Eat Red Carpet.’ From there on, Osaka Punch’s live renditions of their tracks became infectious as hell, and got everyone around the venue headbanging and dancing. Frontman Jack Venables and the whole band displayed a fun and humorous persona onstage, and even slipped in a snippet of Salt N Pepa’s ‘Push It’ halfway through ‘Actibreeze.’ While they managed to perform a mix of both their records including Served With Mustard, Eat You Up and Electric Jam on Boogie, Osaka Punch’s main reason for the show was to perform their latest single ‘How We Operate.’ In fact, with this show being the start of the tour, Melbourne got to be the very first city in the country to hear the song live. I’ll tell you one thing – if you enjoyed the song just as much I did when it was released, there’s a very high chance that you’ll end up boogying to the track with the rest of the band when you catch them live.

Knowing that we have such a great collection of talented acts from all over Australia, it’s very reassuring to know that the amount of groups that come by to perform as much as they can, really show as much potential onstage as they do in the studio. There’s no denying that Osaka Punch have proven to be one of the most exquisite acts to represent the Aussie scene to the rest of the world. You’d have to have half a brain to not think that these guys are something special, and will definitely be remembered as one of Australia’s very best.