A couple of weeks ago, OVERDRIVE was able to get our hands on a copy of Fly Agaric’s EP Amanita Muscaria; make sure to click HERE to see why it got 86/100.

Fly Agaric recently received an email from OVERDRIVE, which asking a handful of questions about the creation process of Amanita Muscaria; Tom Learmouth (Bass/Vocals) was kind enough to take some time out of his day to respond not only quite promptly, but also with quite an insight into the Fly Agaric band-camp!

1) How long did it take Fly Agaric to get Amanita Muscaria written/recorded?

Most of the tracks were already written before we were together as a band and the two more epic tracks (‘Meteora’ and ‘Black Clouds’) were worked on in the first year of jamming and gigging. Recording was done over 5 days but there was over a year between two sessions. 

2) How long were the band sitting on the finished album waiting for it to be released?

Once mixing and mastering were done we rolled the album out as soon as we had physical copies. I think it was only about a month. Sam Bartlett at Meridian Receiver spent a lot of time mixing as he was getting new tools throughout the whole project and he really wanted the finished product to be as good as possible before handing it over for mastering. At the time it was a little frustrating but we think the waiting was worthwhile – we were very happy with the end results!

3) Were there any difficulties during the recording of the album or any lessons/knowledge you gained that will be taken into the studio for the second album?

We had quite a few things that made the recording process lengthy and far from perfect. Ralph Kynoch (Vocals/Guitars) was the only member that wasn’t also playing in other bands so that created some scheduling issues. We all had full-time jobs and my partner at the time was fighting breast cancer which made my availability dependent on what her health allowed. Jamox Frazier (Guitars) had to leave the band to move for work before we had finished recording but fortunately his guitar parts were recorded during our first recording session. Most of us had recorded before so we were relatively comfortable in the studio. Probably the thing I took away from the whole experience is to have plans for when you get tired during the recording process. Once you spend half a day concentrating on doing your thing fatigue can set in and you become less productive. It’s always a good idea to have a plan B to fully maximise your studio time.

4) What is your personal favourite song on Amanita Muscaria to either sing/perform on? 

That’s a tough question – sort of like picking your favourite child!  Probably my favourite song to play on the album is ‘Meteora’. It’s banging song and it’s always well received when we play it live. I think our harmonies on this track work particularly well too.

5) How do you and Ralph decide on who sings what lyrics throughout the album?

Ralph has always been the main vocal driver behind our music and we have considerably different vocal ranges. I tend to work on a harmony that embellishes his foundation melody. We’re trying to mix it up a bit with the new material we’re working on at the moment and it’s coming together quite well.

6) Did you guys write the lyrics together or did you guys come together after writing separately to compare notes?

Most of the material on the album was written by Ralph before we came together as a band and he’s still writes all of the lyrics. Ralph has always been the captain of the ship and we love his work so don’t see much of a need to rock the boat!