Man, these guys have been around for awhile. Since the mid 80’s apparently. Yet again, because I had my head wrapped around other scenes, as you do when you are a young man, I have only been recently introduced to them by a good friend of mine who seems to have his finger on a few different pulses.

This friend (who we shall refer to only as RJ for the purposes of this review) had mentioned them a few times, and my reaction was pretty much, meh, Propagandhi sounds like someone holding up an old Indian Wise Man. Screw that! I’m gonna head over here and listen to the new ‘Vomiting On A Nun On A Sunday’, or ‘Visiting Old People And Doing Unspeakable Things With Them Like Listening’ album.

Yes, it’s true. Neither of the above bands exist. I made them up just to give you an idea of what I normally prefer, and I have also copyrighted both of the above names, so don’t even think about using them.

So anyway, RJ should probably be doing this, and I hope I do him proud. Let us find out what he finds so interesting about this band.

Champions of many a cause, both in a lyrical sense and a physical one, our fellow Propagandhist’s put their money where their mouth is by doing the odd benefit show or two for the things they care about. Yes it’s been done before, but is still very worthy of mention, and I for one can see that as an admirable thing.

Onto the lyrical side of it all. If you are looking for the glib or the mundane Rock N’ Roll song here people, best look elsewhere. Although this may sound like a party at times, and would be fine background music at any event, the words spoken here are not as pleasant and as uplifting as they appear musically.

You may not agree with some of their views, so each to their own. Let us see if you agree with them musically. Does Punk bordering on Thrash at times sound good to you? How about Secular Progressive Thrash then! What the hell is that? It’s how they describe themselves. You should also know they have quite the sense of humour. Go check their FB site for a good laugh as well. All is not THAT serious in Propagandhi land.

At risk of alienating people I am going to make a comparison (sorry RJ). Dear reader, are you interested in a band that combines (for mine), the political voice and activism of Australia’s very own Midnight Oil crossed with a bit of latter day Metallica and some fuck you Punk attitude?

Propaganda perhaps. Prop up some old dude that had wise things to say maybe. Prop up yourself by having a listen to this. It’s at least going to make you bang that head, and at worst make you think. Nothing wrong with that at all. People need an outside opinion at times, and a different perspective.

Look as deeply into this album as you will, this is some catchy shit. Fun for all that just want a good time, and delivering enough punch to keep those who stare into the darkness that is our world satisfied. It ticks many a box.

“Failed Imagineer” by Propagandhi from the album ‘Victory Lap,’ available now!

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