Finnish Rockers, Von Hertzen Brothers are back with their sixth studio album War Is Over set to be released on November 3rd. The 3 brothers Mikko, Kie and Jonne Von Hertzen have seen critical success with their prior releases, including three Number 1 albums, and two Top 5 albums in their home country of Finland.

The trio took time to write by themselves and then played all the instruments, except for drums on the album, and produced it themselves. Whether you’re a casual rock fan, a hardcore rock fan, or just a fan of music, the 12-song album has something for everyone.

Track 1,War Is Over’ opens with keyboards and then the guitar comes in covered with fast paced vocals and accompanied by a solid rock beat and underpinning synth. The 12-minute opener plays like a rock opera, switching between vocalised parts and instrumental part throughout and closes with fireworks.

The second track, ‘To The End Of The World’, opens with electric guitar and sets the mood for the listener on what the rest of the track si going to bring. The song crescendos  to start, tapering off about halfway through to a more sombre sound before kicking back in a gain with a roaring electric guitar solo.

The first single to be released from the album, ‘The Arsonist,’ follows with it’s soaring vocals, heavy guitar and a wicked bassline. The track itself has a slow, but steady build to it, much like a fire being lit and then burning strong and bright.

‘Jerusalem’ could be considered the power ballad of the album and features Janne ‘Burton’ Puurtinrn of HIM on keyboards and, unlike the rest of the tracks on the album, starts off with the drums. Lyrically the track talks about new beginnings, starting over and being on a search for ‘the land of dreams’.

Still keeping the pace of the album slow fifth track, ‘Frozen Butterflies,’ opens with melodic guitars that are soon joined by rocking drums and bass picking the pace back up. The lyrics ‘no returns is hen we die, frozen butterflies are a lie’ is a nod to the theory that during the winter, butterflies could be completely frozen but are still able to stay alive, yet also being critical by saying that they’re a lie and there is no such thing.

Track 6, ‘Who Are You’, is the first song on the album to feature an acoustic guitar and in terms of sound is a complete 180 to the first five tracks. Every album needs to have a typical ‘sad song’ and it appears that Who Are You’ is the track that is taking up that mantle. The songs lyrics are about a lost love and general feelings of feeling helpless after losing someone.

Singer Mikko Von Hertzen spent one month in India and you can hear the influence of his time there in terms of the drum beat in the 7th song on the album, ‘Blindsight. ‘In terms of the overarching sound of this song, it feels a lot like a rollercoaster with a lot of rise and fall and a gut-busting guitar solo.

The eighth track, ‘Long Lost Sailor,’ has one of the more prominent basslines across the entire record with the instrument being one of the more focused instruments throughout. The track also showcases Mikko’s rather impressive vocal chops in terms of pitch and range.

‘Wanderlust,’ track 9 is another of the alums more slow and sombre numbers in terms of music, and lyrically is about leaving and throwing something away and how the singer is not afraid to be casting it aside.

The final track, ‘Beyond The Storm,’ opens with ‘marching drums’ with the guitars coming in after a few bars. Lyrically about a man who is not who he used to be and has changed and grown due to experiencing some sort of trauma. The track is full of melodic guitars and are not what you’d expect from ‘typical’ rock in some parts. A definitive closing track that nicely rounds of the whole album.

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War is Over is out 3 November.

The Von Hertzen Brothers are touring across the U.K in November and you can get your tickets HERE and can pre-order War Is Over HERE!