Who’d have thought Metal could be so groovy? Melbourne Groove Metal outfit Primitive, that’s who! October 20th saw the debut of their EP, “Primitive”, and it’s everything you’d expect a Heavy Metal album to be; heavy double bass tones, bellowing screams that’ll make your knees quake, and packed to the hilt with riffs that’ll have you salivating. OVERDRIVE were lucky enough to get their hands on a copy and have a listen at what the Melbournians have been slaving away on. What was our verdict? Read on to find out!

Primitive are comprised of band members Tim Gauci (vocals/guitar), Frank Ortisi (secondary guitar), Lachlan Barnes (drums), and Flynn Barnes (bass).


The EP opens up with a track called ‘Carved In Stone’, which is aptly named for a track as rock solid as this one! The quartet ooze charisma, and it shines through in volumes; whether it’s the screaming vocals (which are brilliant), or the instrumentals that solidify the performance (holy shit, the guitar work is insane!), this is the start Primitive want if they’re looking to make waves not only on Australian shores, but Internationally, also. Absolute brilliance!


‘A Thousand Faces’ is next up on the four-track EP, and make no mistake it’s as good as the track before it without any shadow of a doubt. These boys are packing serious heat, and their weapons of choice are going to have slews of fans bowing before them for years to come. It doesn’t matter what type of Metal you’re into, this is going to hit the sweet spot for everyone! The vocal talents displayed, yet again, brilliant. A lot of performers these days who choose the ‘screaming’ vocal ability lose clarity, and just become noise mixed amongst an instrumental mess; this isn’t the case with Primitive, whose lyrics are delivered with the same precision that the instrumentals are striking behind it. Wait for the guitar solo in this one, guys. It’s insane!


Think they can keep this consistency up? You better believe it! ‘Black Blood’ is the third track of the EP, and starts of as instrumentally dominant as both tracks before it. You’re instantly whisked to a world of destruction, and all you’ll want to do it start forming a mosh in your living room (best do it while the kids aren’t home, it could get messy!). Vocally, yet again, absolutely solid – it’s the make and break of bands these days (vocalists, that is), and Primitive have done well when it came to finding their front man. The instrumental display, yet again, is simply superb; riffs that tip toe delicate lines of phenomenal heights, drum work that’ll bust your gut, and a bass line that carries through brooding undertones that strengthen the bands performance as a whole. These guys are the real deal!



‘Primitive (Scriptures Burning)’ is bittersweet, as the performance is so powerful, yet we’ve come to the end of the EP! Get ready for seven minutes of musical brilliance; vocals take a backseat and allow the culmination of guitar, bass, and drums to take the forefront and blow the minds of all who listen. It could have been risky, choosing to end the EP with a predominantly instrumental track, but when you’ve got the talent that these blokes have you can more than afford to take those risks.


What a debut! Primitive better prepare themselves, because they’re going to gather a huge following off of this release; as I mentioned previously, it’s packed with everything a Metal album should have, and then some! If this is what they’re delivering on debut, I cannot wait to see these blokes grow and see what’s in store moving forward. If you’ve never heard of these guys before do yourselves a favour and check out their work, you will not regret it!


You can buy the debut EP from Primitive on Bandcamp HERE!