And It Was So! opens on the track ‘Picture The Scene’, a full minute and a half of instrumental, starting with the bass-line which is then accompanied with a punchy drum beat and rocky, electric guitars. The music video for the track was released on October 26th and highlights the bands Clockwork Orange inspired look and theatrical influences.

Track two ‘Fucked Up World’ opens with fast, punk guitars and references to the character of the MC in Cabaret, and the lyrics ‘Life Is A Cabaret Old Chum’. Listening to this track inspires head-banging and makes you want to get up and pogo around your living room and scream along to the chorus of the words ‘fucked up’.

If Fucked Up World is the song you’d listen to whilst pumping yourself up for a night out, track three ‘Talking Shit’ I the song you’d listen to while out with all your mates on a drunken pub crawl. The lyrics ‘You Talked A Lot Of Shit Last Night’ are repeated throughout and are spoken whilst a happy, upbeat punk song plays in the background. If you like a song that makes you want to get wild, but that you can singalong to, there are a lot of ‘Oi!’s being repeated throughout the track that you can easily get caught up in.

The fourth track, ‘If You Want It’ is reminiscent of ‘We’re Not Gonna Take It’ by Twisted Sister in both it’s opening beat, and the repeated lyrics of ‘If You Want It, You Can Have it’ that you’re going to want to chant along with. There is also a killer guitar solo towards the end of the song that showcases the talent of the guitarist playing it.

Whilst it is repetitive, track five ‘Gospel According To Me’ is still easy to listen to and will leave you wanting more with it’s high energy vibe. The same punk-beat is played over and over whilst there’s fast-talking vocals that are easily to learn and sing along to and will no doubt leave you with a smile on your face.

Gimme Something To Do is the sixth track on this album and brings an entirely different vibe to it. The drum opening that is joined with loud, fast guitars increases in speed and enjoyment as it goes on. It’s a hard, fast and dirty kind of track that if it was a girl, you wouldn’t want to bring it home to meet your parents. It was during this track that I forgot I was meant to be writing a review and just rocked out The track ends on a crescendo of a high.

If Gimme Something To Do is the track that makes you wanna have fast, dirty sex, then track seven, Love Sick Baby is going to make you want it nice and slow. In comparison to the preceding track, this song is the girl that you CAN take home to mother and make a good impression.

Track eight, And It Was So! is one minute an fifty seconds of guitars, drums, bass and lyrics about the girls and guys around the world and asking if they know that it was so. Déjà vu is track nine and is a slow burn of bass, guitar and drums with deep, spoken vocals that carry a headbanging beat that you can pogo along to and pretend you’re at a punk show in a room full of people doing the exact same thing while it increases in speed as it progresses.

While Déjà Vu slows down the pace, track ten, I Owe You builds it up again. While there are songs on this album that you wanna sing along to drunkenly, I Owe You is the song that you’re going to want to blast on your car stereo whilst driving through the streets with your friends on a Friday night. It’ll make you want to air guitar and singalong at the top of your lungs. There’s breaks during the song that are perfect for air-guitar and clapping along to.

Wanna Be, the ninth track on the album starts of slow and lulls you into a false sense of security before breaking into a fast-paced, hard-hitting and in your face song. Lyrically about not wanting to be a ‘wanna be’ and wanting to be instead. The need to air-drum and move around while you listen to this song will overwhelm you.

The closing song of the album, You’ll Be The Death Of Me, is another reminder of the bands theatrical inspired outfits with its ‘spooky’ Latin inspired beat that gives off Halloween vibes, as well as an overwhelming need to air guitar.

And It Was So is out November 17th and you can pre-Order your copy Nuclear Blast Records HERE!