Oh man, I thought that metal was just an illusion. But there are still bands or projects, as you can call this group, that can still play thrash to the core and this album totally delivers. Raise your fist and show the sign of the devil when you crank this album – and it has to be at maximum volume as there’s no other way to listen to this! If you think this is only to be heard on headphones well you better go and listen to softer music because this will blow your mind and senses.

This one man project by Toby Knapp, who was involved in a few groups back in the 90’s, has birthed this new project and believe it or not he is trying to keep the spirit alive by creating an album which is full with total devastation and merciless attack of guitar riffs pounded by the sheer ferocity that he can only bring. I’m warning you now if you never got into the old underground school this is not your album as there’s no melodic parts or progressive parts in here – no keyboards no experimentation. Nooo, this is balls-out thrash attack in the most senseless way. When the opener “Storm Of Demogorgon” comes crashing down you can feel the wrath upon us; those piercing guitar riffs are like razors cutting you slowly from the inside! Complemented by the necro voice that feels like it is coming from a cave, and those guitar solos, sends shivers down my spine. There’s no other way to describe this. When I listen to this type of metal I smile because there’s still people that care about the olden days when metal was exciting and fresh.

“Born To The Breeder” follows the same vain as well “Backwards To Hell” – pure black/thrash cult here. No time for second chances is all out or nothing dominating solos, like a trepidation to memory lane – the more you listen, the more you get addicted. Pound by pound this album falls like a torrential rain of endless riffs and hell-raising fast and mid tempos. By the time “Chaos Magick Totality” appears, like a ghost delivering blows by blows, this is the track where the black metal dabbling is and there’s chaos and destruction in this song as the darkness takes over and those twisted guitar solos are like a thousand screaming voices. One of the songs that really stood out was “Burn The Earth.” It was more like a horror metal style that reminds me of John 5 and Rob Zombie type of style – very different from the rest and quite enjoyable as this guy shreds the guitar into pieces.

As the album nears the end it looks like he leaves the best for last for us to worship as “Planet Rogue” shreds like an atom bomb, with those malevolent riffs ripping through our souls as we are looking for a time to rest. But the smashing sounds are endless. Welcome to the underground I say, as this is relentless and is purified by the darkness below us. When “Nothing Shall Arise” comes like a hurricane with that Sodom riff obliterating everything in it’s path, it’s fast, intense, malignant. By now this monster is all loose and ready to dominate this world.

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