The top tier of Melbourne metal core has let a new member into its fold. You may have heard the name Evolution of Self, but now it’s time to hear the music from one of Melbourne’s best.

Evolution of Self, who is Jeremy Dunlop, Tim Aldridge, Paul Swenson, Jeremy Buswell and Dean Maddern, released their Sophomore EP Remnants October 24th and we were lucky enough to get a copy of the record. Here’s what we thought!

Having heard their previous record, I went into this new EP with somewhat of an idea of what to expect, but what I got was so much more!

Opening up with “Cursed”, your head immediately begins to move as the opening riff catches you, shortly after we are barraged with the incredible growls of singer Jeremy, making his presence known! Solid riffs that are complimented with the drums are a constant throughout the record and this opening track set this tone. In true metalcore fashion we are treated to a melodic chorus with clean vocals from guitarist/singer Tim Aldridge. A solid opening track but this is just the beginning.

This EP has a much darker and heavier feel than the previous release, and I like it, Evolution of Self have something to say and this record is their statement.

The track “Loveless” sets a dark, eerie vibe before kicking into what I would call the stand out riff of the record, a perfect example of metal core riffery from Paul and Tim. We are once again treated to a melodic clean chorus and it’s worth noting the drumming delivered from Dean is exceptional.  Featuring a solid breakdown, something that Evolution of Self do very well, this track is a very well-rounded song and my pick off the Record.

With years of experience on the live scene it’s good to hear some of their energy and passion that they display on stage on their record and tracks “Graveyard” and “Plague” do exactly that. Highlighting the strong points of the band with solid riffs, pounding double kicks and bass coupled with the contrast between the harsh and punishing screams of Jeremy and the melodic voice of Tim, tick all the boxes of a solid metal core release.

To finish off the EP we have “Emptiness Within” another catchy tune and a perfect send off. This track sums up everything that we’ve heard so far and puts it all into one, giving us listeners a recap of exactly what Evolution of Self do so well. This track will leave you singing the chorus long after it’s over.

Before I wrap this review up I think it’s worthwhile mentioning the artwork, being a fan of Black and White imagery this EP’s artwork speaks to me. It also reminds me of their debut EP which is very similar art wise, good or bad, take that as you will. I also enjoy the subtle imagery within the band’s logo itself highlighting each of the members; it’s the little things that catch the eye with this artwork.

So, in conclusion, a solid release by Melbourne Metalcore Kings, Evolution of Self, well worth the wait and I highly recommend you check out this EP. If catchy riffs coupled with both melodic and harsh vocals are your thing, this is a must for your collection.