You have lived a pleasant life, foraging on the ground of the jungle for many a year. Your offspring are growing stronger day by day. There is much food in abundance and all is well within your tiny little brain. Apart from the seasonal floods, there is little to fear. As long as you stick to your conventional habits within your habitat you are fine.

One day you wander a little too far. Nothing wrong with that. Even the tiniest mind wanders from the path now and then, and yet all still seems well. You have found something that takes your fancy and discovered it was not worth seeking. Turning back you feel something. The Earth, your Mother is sending you a signal, and yet you choose to ignore. After all you know this area right?

Yes, all is fine. And then suddenly the Earth beneath your feet moves, just a little to start with, soon becoming a rumble and a roar. Which way to turn? Where is it coming from?

You look up and stare into a great gaping maw and then all goes black. Your torment has just begun. You are slowly being digested. Pain and Fear and Darkness will be your last memories. Thus endeth your life.

The Giant Snake heaved its great mass forward again until it found a shaded area, and began to coil itself around the base of a large tree. It was feeling particularly pleased with itself. And then it slept. For as surely it was a relative of the one whom had tricked Adam with the apple that was oh so sweet, it was, for now, satisfied.

Brazilian band Jupiterian will make you feel, not so much the pain, but the fear. You can almost imagine the above scenario as you listen. A creeping sense of your own demise at the hands of these balaclava-wearing sinister chaps. An enigma wrapped in a riddle, wrapped in the sound of Doom, with your Death being at their own pace and time of choosing.

Balaclava-wearing band members you say? Well shit, let me not spoil this for you, but not only do they hide their identities, they also refer to themselves as a letter.

V does the sound of your own misery and screaming as the stomach acid eats away. R is the heartbeat of the Titan that has swallowed you.  G is the constant ticking of your pulse, at times fast and at times slowing, ever slowing, as the pain wracks your very soul. A is the bittersweet melody of your thoughts as your life flashes before you.

An Anagram for something perhaps? If you can make a word out of these four letters then you have my respect, as this band does mine. Brazil provides us once again with a game changer. Absolute power, absolute desolation and utterly Earth shattering.

Terraforming is an apt title. You WILL feel the Earth move beneath your feet. This will shake your entire world, for some it may take a while to digest. For others, it will fill that hunger you have had for an album to finally swallow you whole.

You have lived a pleasant life. Fill that hole. Wander off that safe path you have always been on. Great discoveries await, my tiny rodent brain assures you, as it is being eaten away.