Attending a concert at The Brightside usually means you’ll come out a stinking mess due to the venue being quite a lot like a hotbox, but tonight was different. Tonight’s concert was being held in the car park behind the venue which was set to be filled with nearly 500 eager punters waiting to see Northlane and co. With the breeze rolling through all night it certainly made the gig a whole lot more endurable than if it were indoors.

Opening the night were Brisbane’s own Deadlights, hailing from “Five minutes down the road,” according to lead vocalist Dylan Davidson. Breaking into hit after hit from their album Mesma (not to be confused with Northlane’s Mesmer), they completely owned the stage and set the bar that was hopefully to keep rising throughout the night.

While some guitar technical difficulties hit them early on in their set, it didn’t stop them from showing Brisbane why they’re the best up and coming Brisbane Metalcore band. I’ll always praise these guys as they perform with their hearts on their sleeves and with smiles always on their faces.

Mixed opinions were heard while awaiting the next band Sworn In, as some fans were praising their style while others were simply questioning why they were on this bill. Having not heard them before I left my opinion for when they arrived on stage and played.

Unfortunately the majority of punters who weren’t fans were on the button as the band unfortunately looked either angry or bored on stage. While the deep guitars and drums weren’t horrible, it just sounded like a group of guys attempting to jam together. The clean vocals were very scratchy and could’ve been much better. Playing through their set, in the middle of the mosh pit a couple decided to get engaged. With a round of applause for those punters the band finished their set with ‘Snake Eyes.’

Hoping that the next act Erra would bring the bar back up to a positive note, I eagerly awaited my first time seeing them live. Much to my surprise Erra provided the goods and made good on my hopes! Opening with ‘Luminesce’ the band had the mosh pit moving twice as fast as they’d been going all night. With an impeccable stage presence and sound, the band ripped through hit songs ‘Irreversible,’ ‘Drift’ and ‘Skyline’ much to the delight of the 500 punters below them.

Obviously a great choice to warm the crowd up for Northlane, Erra proved that even if it’s your first time touring a country you can have a decent following already (as it was evident with tonight’s crowd).

With the car park of the Brightside jam packed with fans awaiting Northlane, the animosity was unreal! The lights went out and out came the band to a loud cheer from the crowd. Bursting into ‘Colourwave’ then ‘Worldeater,’ the band had the delight of every punter’s attention from the get go. The band had an insane light show going which added to how much more energy it transferred to the crowd.

Pushing forward the band played ‘Citizen’ and fan favourite ‘Dispossession’ which made the mosh pit turn inside out with insanity! The riffs of ‘Intuition’ pushed the crowd to jump higher and higher, while singing back every word.

Northlane closed out the set with ‘Weightless’ before going off stage. Out burst the chants for an encore and, much to the delight of the Brightside car park full of punters, the band granted it. Coming back out and playing through the song ‘Paragon,’ Northlane showed why they’re still on the rise and are on the top of the list when it comes to Australian heavy music.

Whether it’s the energy, their light show, their happy, cheery attitude on and off stage or simply how well they always perform their songs, you can’t help but enjoy seeing them play live every time their in town. Northlane deserve massive praise for how well they performed as they were originally due to play at Max Watt’s (which has recently closed its doors). So making light of that and having to switch venues last minute and accommodate their sound (which was flawless by the way), makes them well deserved of this praise.

If you’ve never seen Northlane you need to give them a chance, their light show and sound will surprise you in every positive way it can.







‘Dream Awake’