Butcher Babies are an American Heavy Metal band from Los Angeles, California. Lilith is their third studio release through Century Media Records. The band is currently made up of vocalists Heidi Shepherd and Carla Harvey, guitarist Henry Flury, bassist Jason Klein and drummer Chase Brickenden.

The album opens with Burn The Straw Man which sets the scene for what the whole sound of Lilith is going to be. Thrashing guitars and fast and loud drums make for a strong opener not just musically, but lyrically as well. There is a mix of screamed and clean vocals and the song itself is very hard-hitting and right up in your face. The gang vocals repeated throughout of ‘burn like a straw man’ will have you screaming along as you headbang.

The title track Lilith is up next and opens strong with drums and clean vocals. Heidi and Carla do an incredible job of finding the perfect harmony between their higher ‘pretty’ clean vocals, and their deep and guttural screamed vocals. They both show off their incredible range in this track.



Track three, Headspin opens on eerie sounding guitars and compared to Burn The Straw Man and Lilith have mostly clean vocals. The vibe of this track is also quite a sexy and sensual one lyrically but instrumentally the song is still very strong and rocking.

Korova is track four and opens with a synthesized organ and has a different sound to the firt three tracks. Once the organ is over the guitars come in and start thrashing with the vocals and drums joining in to get the song going. There is a nice contrast of spoken and sung lyrics with the main message of the track being about being and staying together with someone no matter what happens in between. The chorus emphasises this with the repetition of “we can live forever, if we die we die together.”

Whilst Headspin and Korova change the sound to something more sensual and calm, track five #iwokeuplikethis is much more aggressive and has a heavier sound. There are more screamed lyrics than spoken ones and the whole tracked has an impressive speed to the drumming.



The Huntsman is track six and is another one with a bit of an eerie sound to open it. With Halloween right around the corner the timing for the release of this track couldn’t be better. The song as a whole has quite a theatrical undertone to it whilst still maintaining its thrashing, headbanging integrity.

Up next we have Controller which is another synth opener but its accompanying drums and slow guitar. The vocals are very aggressive and punchy and lyrically the song is about playing a game and being angry. There is an impressive show of ability on guitar during the breakdown in this one and Henry Flury shows off his skills.

Track eight is Oceana and is melodic thrash metal to start off and has even more impressive work from both bass and guitar. Both ladies get a chance to show off their voices in the slow breakdown partway through the track. Overall this song has a nice contrast between the slow and laidback, and the fast and aggressive in your face screaming.



Look What We’ve Done is track nine and has a completely different sound to its predecessors on the album. It is more of a slow and melodic tune whilst the rest are fast and hard hitting. The bass line in this one is incredibly strong and is probably the one that the bass comes through most in. It’s an emotional song and is much more raw and undone than the rest of the album.

The second to last track is Pomona (Shit Happens) and in its essence is very much a thrash metal track. There is an excessive, but not unnecessary amount of swearing during the track and it’s overall hard, fast, dirty and right up in your face. If you’re having a bad day and need to let out some aggression this is the song you should be listening to.

Finally we have Underground And Overrated and it’s a very solid track for a closer and rounds the album out nicely. It opens with more clean vocals but quickly brings in the screams to balance it out. Another great one to headbang to and gives Henry Flury a final chance to show off his impressive guitar skills with a kickass guitar solo.

Lilith is out now through Century Media Records. You can get pick up your own copy HERE!