Rock’n’roll devotees GRENADIERS have unveiled new single ‘Long Way Down’ ahead of the release of their third LP ‘Find Something You Love and Let It Kill You’ on November 10.

Long Way Down sees the intrepid Adelaide trio strip their characteristic righteous rock revels back a notch. As infectious, slightly suburban sounding and damn sing-alongable as ever, this is one deeply world-weary tune. The new vid boasts a legit old fashioned Australian rock aesthetic that wouldn’t look out of place on a 1980’s version of Rage. With a proudly lo-fi vibe, similar to the dragway party the band hosted for their Suburban Life single, this one sees them venture into the country…

Next time, we’ll have some headline tour dates for you. In the meantime, the band will front-up for a special performance at the South Australian Music Awards next week. Then they’ll go head-to-head in a guitar band battle with Japanese rock gods Guitar Wolf on their own home turf.

It’s perfect timing that Midnight Oil are in the midst of a triumphant return to Australian stages; this video has a distinctly, lovably Australian feel to it. Delayed as the band’s third LP has been by the kinds of fiscal struggles that all staunchly independent acts face, there’s a triumphant honesty in their commitment to no bullshit, riff-heavy good time rock’n’roll. Get ahead of of the game: pre-order ‘Find Something You Love and Let It Kill You’ now via


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