This is a callout to all Heavy Metal enthusiasts of Australia. Do you love supporting home grown acts? Have an appreciation for bands coming up from the underground? If both of those questions turned up the answer of ‘Yes’, then you’re in for an absolute treat! Melbourne’s own Primitive have recently released their debut EP, self-titled “Primitive”, and it’s an absolute gem! Haven’t heard of Primitive before? That’s fine, we’ve got the rundown!

Primitive are a four piece Metal band hailing from Australia’s Music Capital, Melbourne, and is comprised of band members Tim Gauci (vocals/guitar), Frank Ortisi (guitar), Lachlan Barnes (drums), and Flynn Barnes (bass). The young group are the physical embodiment of charisma and natural talent, rocking out local Melbourne gigs and producing their debut EP so early into their careers (which is an achievement that the band have high wraps on!). OVERDRIVE were fortunate enough to get some one-on-one time with Primitive’s front man Gauci and talk all things Primitive; the release of the EP, and what it’s like rocking out local gigs around Melbourne.

Gauci kicked things off with giving us insight as to how long, as a band and as individuals, they all had been involved with music. He explained, “We’ve been an active band for a little more than a year now, starting slow doing a couple shows here and there, then slowly building it up in 2017 with consistent shows and our first release!” He continued, “Frank, Lachlan and I have been playing music together since we were 15-16 years old. We had played together in a high school band until we were about 18-19. Flynn (who is Lachlan’s brother) came in after the EP was written, but we’ve been around each other for many years.” What an achievement! Primitive have only been together for a little over twelve months, and they’ve already managed to strap together an EP that would suggest they’ve been established within the industry for years, and that’s no joke! It’s a testament to how strong a bond these blokes have, being able to come together over such a short period and produce something so ballsy!

Attention turned to the motivation and inspiration that drives not only the band as a whole, but individually as performers. Gauci explained, “Musically, for the most part, our song-writing tends to spark from riffs written by Frank and myself. I think our influences tend to be prominent throughout our songs, and our taste and style is reflected through our writing. For myself (as an individual), I also draw inspiration from outside of music – whether it be from movies, TV, history, or art. Sometimes I’m inspired lyrically by singular words I find interesting. I like bodies of work that are thematic and cohesive, and that’s what I’ve tried to bring to this EP lyrically. I feel the tracks have story-like lyrics which flow really well throughout.” He’s not wrong, either! Lyrically, Primitive’s EP is sound and solid, and does not disappoint on any level!

Humble in his response to hearing that I thought their EP was absolutely brilliant, Gauci turned his attention to the EP itself, explaining how the inception of the idea first came about. He explained, “Well, we knew we had some pretty solid songs that we wanted to share with everyone. We wanted to give people a taste of what to expect from us if they’d never heard of us or seen a show. It’s difficult to gain progression these days without releasing work – so we felt this EP would be a great representation of us presently, as well as what’s to come.” They wanted to give everyone a taste of what they’ve got, and what that is has already been for mentioned previously; charisma, natural talent, and a brilliant sound.

Gauci reeked of pride, which shone through when talking about piecing the EP together, and how long that process took them. He explained, “We spent five days tracking all of the instruments which started with drums on the first two days. Rhythm guitar followed on the third day by myself – and all of Frank’s leads and melodies on the fourth and the next Flynn’s bass tracks. The thing to do was my vocals which took a couple of days at the end.” He continued, “We recorded the EP with Chris Themelco at Monolith Studios (guitarist/vocalist from Orpheus Omega). He’s the hero of Melbourne metal, and he did an amazing job capturing our sound. We didn’t even need to talk about references or anything, he just did his thing and it worked out great!” What great company to have, especially for the youngsters who are looking at making a name for themselves!

Finishing his discussion of the EP, Gauci spoke of the moment they were able to sit back and listen to the finished product for the first time; something that he personally found an emotional experience. He explained, “It was great! When I first heard it all I was a combination of happy, excited, proud and relieved! All of the preparation and hard work spent crafting these songs paid off as soon as heard it. I’m really proud of us taking the risk to record an EP so early in our time as a band. All the guys practiced, and played their arses off, and I couldn’t be happier with the result.” He continued, “Musicians put themselves through hell to get everything exactly as they want it to be, but the rewarding feeling you have with the finished product makes it all worth it.”

Gauci had one final message before concluding his time with OVERDRIVE, and gave us insight into Primitive’s plans for the impeding future. He explained, “We’d like to play more shows, get some local support slots for some local and international heroes of ours, and of course write and record more music! We have a bit of a bucket list for accomplishments we’re aiming to tick off, so we’ll be working hard on those whilst having a bunch of fun in the process!”


Check out Primitive’s music here!