Comprised of Angus Carter, Ian Konrad, Chad Ellis, Unai Aldecoa and Marco Penniello, From Crisis to Collapse are somewhat new to the scene but things are beginning to heat up for them.

The first single we had a listen to, is the currently released song, “Crisis” and I want to start by simply saying, I really like this!

The opening riff immediately grabs you and you can’t help but bang your head where ever you are. Energy, riffs and harmony are all thrown at you from the get go and we begin to see the technical ability of guitar players Ian and Chad. Singer Angus Carter, makes a huge entrance and carries us through the song with the same intensity, a perfect fit for the music vocally.

Breakdown wise, it didn’t go where I expected it to, so depending on your taste you may like or dislike the direction. Regardless, it is executed well. Post-breakdown immediately drew me back in however and we are very much shown the prowess of all guitar players (bass included). Overall this is an impressive first release and well worth the 4 or so minute watch.

Touching on the clip, it’s a mixture of DIY, live and studio footage and I like this style of clip, I like seeing bands in their natural habitat so to speak and it does its job well.

Next, we have “Dimitri.” This is yet to be released, but believe me when I say, watch out for this one! Straight out of the gate, we thrash. Drummer Marco really shines on this one, kicks flurrying as quick as the guitars are picking, which is dam quick. The song then sets into a nice groove, the kind of groove you bang your head to, arm in arm with a stranger at the front of the crowd.

The song trades off between these thrashy and groovy riffs and is joined together nicely with a guitar solo, slotted in just the right place, it gives the song a breath of fresh air before seeing us out with an eerie melody and fast pace drums. Short but sweet, I really enjoyed this track, my personal pick of the two, but you be the judge.

Overall, two really good songs for the band and I’m very much looking forward to seeing them develop as a band and as musicians.