It’s best to leave out the mediocre pirate puns, sink down a couple of tinnies and talk Lagerstein! The Brisbanian Pirate Metal septet have had themselves quite an epic journey as of late, going across Europe and the UK, as well as another Australian tour coming up in the early days of December.

We had a chat with the band’s very own Captain Gregarrr, talking about the band’s touring cycle and what it means to put on a good show for the people that witness Lagerstein in the flesh. Starting off, Gregarrr talks about the European and UK legs that they just returned home from, and what they were happy to be able to be a part of during their tour.

“We left in March and we hung around the UK and Europe for about seven months, if not more,” he begins. “We did a heap of shows and played in thirteen different countries. We based ourselves in Budapest, Hungary, and from there, it gave us the basis to travel and Budapest is a really central part of Europe. There were heaps of different highlights, too. We started off in the UK and then went to mainland Europe and came back to Europe from the UK afterwards, and it was really good to see an increase in numbers from the start of the UK when we came back in September. There was definitely an increase by about another half the original amount, so that was really awesome. The outdoor festivals were another thing we got to tick off the list was that we got to do. It’s wild at European Metal festivals, everyone just goes there to set up their tents, get wasted and party for four days, and that’s what we’re all about. So, going to those festivals and being able to reach out to an audience we never thought we’d get out own shows, really open doors for us.”

With Lagerstein returning to their home country for a headline run under the moniker Lagerstein on Ice Australian Tour, they also announced a one-off acoustic show at Melbourne’s Cherry Bar which, according to Captain Gregarrr, the band have done a handful of times. He then goes on to talk about how they can stand out from a normal Lagerstein gig that happens on a regular basis.

“We’ve done about five or six different acoustic shows, including a few in Europe. It all worked really well, because it’s just a whole different show. When we’re doing the acoustic shows, we’re sitting and it’s all kind of relaxed, but we’re still partying, drinking and doing beer bongs. I wouldn’t say there’s less energy, but I’d say it’s a bit of a different take on the shows, being more intimate. I talk to the crowd more, and kind of make it a bit of a sit down and chill session, instead of a full on heavy, hard-out party. We got offered to do that show at the Cherry Bar, and we love that place. We’ve been there every time we’ve been to Melbourne and had our afterparties there. It’s a good way to show that we’re not a one trick pony, sort of thing. We like the chilled-out vibe of a Sunday show. If people come and see us the night before and they enjoyed us, they can come and have a good Sunday sesh with us, and it’s a good way to branch out.”

One of the many things that makes a night with Lagerstein stand out so well, is the amount of crowd interaction between the band and the audience. Captain Gregarrr mentions in this part of our chat about how even though drinking is a big part of their shows, their main goal is to make sure everyone in the room is just there having fun. He also talks about how a person that doesn’t drink can still have as much fun at a Lagerstein gig than anyone else in the room.

“I’m a big fan of going out into the crowd and doing my thing three or four times during the set, get a circle pit going and so on. Because of our licensing laws, it’s hard to give beer bongs around to people in the crowd. But in Europe, it’s a whole different story. They don’t have any licensing laws there, so you can do whatever you want and the security there is so chill. We’re a lot about the drinking, but at the same time, we’re mostly about partying. Our partying attitude pushes us along with the people. We just want everyone there to have a good time, no matter if they’re drinking or if they’re not. I just want to see smiles on faces. I love that mostly, every show we’ve done, the crowd will be smiling whether they in the mosh pit or they’re standing the back at the shows. Even if some people can be straightedge, they can still like the music at the show. We’re not that band that goes ‘if you’re not drinking, get out,’ or anything. We’re all about big crowd participation and makig sure that everyone sees the best show from start to finish. We want to push that part in your heart that makes sure that you’re having a good time with us.”

From all the experiences he’s had at older shows, Captain Gregarrr says that a lot of the on-stage and off-stage gimmicks have come from there, and have a big impact on his live persona. He says that a punter can really get something out of a concert if the band themselves, are having lots of fun onstage.

“I’ve put in as much energy as I wanna get out from the crowd. If you’re having a good time on the stage, then most people are gonna have a good time, as well. I’m always stage diving and crowd surfing, so I’ve been influenced by a lot of the different shows that were either old hardcore and rock shows I used to go to when I was younger. It’s awesome to see that if you’re really enjoying the show, as a punter, you can show your appreciation and not just stand there with your arms crossed. I think that as a punter, I’d like to put out the energy that I’m feeling from the band onstage, and that makes the band have a better time, play harder and better and they can enjoy their experience more. If I’m onstage, and I see people have a good time, I’d like to take that extra mile and go harder, you know?”

Lagerstein will be heading out on their Lagerstein on Ice Australian Tour in early December from the 2nd up until the 9th. Be sure to secure your tickets as soon as possible, and we hope to see you there partying your asses off with one of Australia’s finest!

Lagerstein on Ice

Tour Dates:

Woolly Mammoth, Brisbane – December 2

The Basement, Canberra – December 6

Factory Floor, Sydney – December 8

Yah Yah’s, Melbourne – December 9

Cherry Bar, Melbourne – December 19 (Acoustic Show)