Attention Australian and World-Wide Heavy Metal fans alike! Do you like supporting home-grown talent? Do you like squeezing into sleazy bars and dives in order to get up and personal with local acts? Do you have an overwhelming love for the Heavy Metal genre? If you answered ‘no’ to any of these, get the f*ck out of here! But, if you answered ‘yes,’ even if it were only to one of these questions, then we’ve got something for you!

Local Melbourne-based Heavy Metal band Primitive have only been in the music circuit for a little over 12 months, but the waves they’ve managed to create in that short period of time are unparalleled. If you haven’t heard of these guys before, do yourselves a favour and check them out; they’re Australia’s next big thing in Metal, and we are going to tell you why!

First of all, allow us to introduce you to the band. Tim Gauci (vocals/guitar), Frank Ortisi (secondary guitar), Lachlan Barnes (drums), and Flynn Barnes (bass) make up the quartet of rockers. Although, as aforementioned, being together for a little over a year, these blokes have been surrounded by music for numerous years – their experiences vastly different from the next. It’s their passion for the art that is the first pivotal point as to why they’re going to be Australia’s next big thing in Metal; without that drive bands sink very quickly. But Primitive are far from going to have that issue on their hands.

We at OVERDRIVE were fortunate enough to get our hands on a copy of their self-titled EP Primitive – check out our review of that HERE – which not only netted an extremely impressive 86%, but as far as EP’s go this took the notion and absolutely obliterated it. It’s the personification of what Heavy Metal is at its core – gritty; balls-to-the-wall tones smacked with huge guitar riffs, masterful instrumental performances, and vocal abilities that transcend belief. These guys aren’t messing about and if they wanted to make an immediate impact and get themselves thrown slap-bang in the middle of the radar, they’ve more than achieved that! You try and tell us the last EP you honestly listened to from a home-grown act that indicated to yourselves that this group is going to be at the pinnacle of their careers sooner than later! This is a testament to not only them going to be the next big thing in Australian Metal, but that world-wide growth isn’t unreasonable when you listen to the album, either. Mark my words!

Following up on their EP release, OVERDRIVE were even more fortunate to speak with Primitive’s front man Gauci – check out the interview HERE – who was not only humble in his time with us; but the passion and pride that radiated from him when discussing the band, and all they’ve achieved in such a short amount of time, indicated to us that these blokes are in it for the long haul – and at the end of the road what awaits them are unfathomable riches and fame!

What else attributes Primitive to having the title of ‘the next big thing in Australian Metal’? They ooze charisma, are enigmatic, and the maniacal tenacity that is demonstrated by each member of the heavy metal quartet while performing are just a few other points to be highlighted. They go all out (which is demonstrated through their EP) to ensure that if you do go catch them live, or listen to their music at all for that matter, that the name Primitive is engraved so deep within your mind that you’re never going to forget them. They don’t only possess the power to etch themselves into your mind, but moving forward they have the utmost potential to etch themselves into Australian Metal History. BIG CALL, I know, but we wouldn’t be making it if we didn’t think these blokes weren’t capable!

These are just a small amount of things that attribute Primitive to the main point at hand; why they’re Australia’s next big thing in Metal. However, don’t take our word for it – do yourselves a favour and check them out for yourselves. We can guarantee you that you will not be disappointed!