Aussie power-rock outfit from Canberra, HighView, have released a new single called ‘Reset’. The single comes from their debut EP ‘Take Your Time’. The five-piece is made up of vocalist Matt Faulkner, lead guitarist Chris Krajacic, rhythm guitarist Matt Kendrick, bassist Jack Lovell, and drummer Ray Dickson.

Reset opens with a little bit of synth and then is quickly joined with guitars, drums and bass. Both the drums and bass are quite impressive and they are accompanied by melodic guitar playing. Vocally, the track is very exciting and Matt Faulkner is really given the chance to shine and show off his ability. The overall sound of Reset gives off both rock, and metal vibes, with electronic influences. There is a wicked guitar solo towards the latter part of the song from Chris Krajacic that shows both skill, and style.

The single also has a sound that is inline with the songs that are being played on rock radio stations but is still edgy and progressive. Fans of bands like Karnivool and Breaking Benjamin will enjoy this single for it’s similarities but will also be able to appreciate it for it’s differences.


HighView’s EP ‘Take Your Time’ featuring ‘Reset’ is available to purchase online at bandcamp HERE!