Kuopio is a city located in Northern Savonia, Finland. Kuopio is also where Industrial Metal band Asylum 8 hail from. This will definitely be a step out of my comfort zone as not only have I never really been a listener of Industrial Metal, I don’t really know much about the genre in general, but I won’t let that stop me. I am genuinely excited to experience new sounds!

The album kicks off with ‘Disarray’ with an upbeat mix of synth and a hardcore heavy metal riff. The riff-work is definitely grade A on this track and the constant double kick from the drums through some of the verses really makes this song drive. I believe I am also hearing some major Death Metal influences. Unfortunately I cannot say I am a fan of the vocals here, but this is just the start so I am interested to hear more. Oh my hello, before I move on from this song I hear the lyrics “Well here’s a cup of contamination for you!” and the psychotic voice of vocalist Henry H certainly got my attention. That one line changed the tone of the whole song! Moving on!



There is only very little I can say about the next track ‘My Lamentation’. All in all it’s a really good track and as I said at the start of this review, I don’t personally know a whole lot about Industrial Metal but I hear a hell of a lot of Melodic Death Metal influences all over the place, and it makes me happy!

‘Thanatophobia’ opens with some extremely fast-paced blast beats which really sets the pace of this one. The powerful clean vocals and synth mesh this one into a solid power-metal ballad.


Skipping ahead a bit we have ‘Deliverance’, my favourite pick on this album. Being introduced by a nice drum fill, ‘Deliverance’ is a slow, dark sounding track for the first thirty seconds; during that thirty seconds mind you is a really cool funky chugging riff which then speeds up after about forty seconds. Once again giving me that real power-metal vibe, the melodic vocals and synth in the background make me want to slay dragons. I can tell when I am fighting said dragon when a super kick ass guitar solo kicks in followed by an interesting dub-step section.

Well what can I say?? I wanted to give something new a shot and I am glad I did. While I don’t see myself coming back for a second listen of Repressed I have gained a bit more understanding of Industrial Metal as a genre, quite interesting for me really as I absolutely LOVE hearing music I have never heard before.

Was this album by cup of tea? Overall definitely not, to my ears it felt repetitive and I just couldn’t bring myself to enjoy it. Like I say in many of my reviews however this certainly doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t check out this album. If you’re a fan of the genre I feel like you will like and appreciate this one more than I do.