Everybody make way for the long awaited triumphant return of Threat Signal, gone far too long! This year finally brings their new release, their fourth album “Disconnect”, a fifty-five minute roller coaster of an album full of intense diversity. With a familiar style of their previous albums but a huge improvement for fans of their previous work  For those that are not aware, Threat Signal are a four-piece band from Canada. In 2006, their debut “Under Reprisal” from 2006 with the killer track “Rational Eyes” gained Threat Signal recognition around the world through their combination and complexity of multiple metal styles.  A band for fans of the likes of big names of the metal world such as Fear Factory, Lamb Of God, In Flames, Machine Head, and Killswitch Engage.

Disconnect is an album that features the incredible vocal talents and range of founding member Jon Howard, whose dynamic vocals provide the album with a diversity rarely available to a single vocalist with powerful screams and the ability to swap effortlessly back to clean vocals, seemingly a vocalist capable of transcending genres almost flawlessly.

Outside of the standout vocal performance Travis Montgomery and Matt Perrin on guitars and Pat Kavanagh on bass guitar absolutely deliver almost across the whole record with the constant presence of dynamic guitars and pulsing anthemic styles to straight up shred-a-thons. The guitarists bring to the album tracks covering genres of thrash metal, industrial, metalcore, groove, melodeath and melodic all provided over the ten-track album, with songs ranging from three minutes to a massive ten minute closing track.

The album Disconnect, gives the listener a strong return from Threat Signal almost with no way of recognising the bands absence from the scene. An album described in various interviews as the band having the opportunity in doing their own thing. Starting the album’s initial concepts back in 2012 and continuing to evolve over the next three years and with no plan to make a heavy album, or a melodic album, or take anyone else’s input but to just create until the Disconnect album came together over time.

To examine specific tracks with some detail we look at “Walking Alone”, a slow burning intro building into cleaner rhythm guitars and catchy hooks. The track displays Threat Signal’s range with lyrics pulling on the heartstrings and timely guitar solos making for a strong stand-alone track for the album.

Another track that provides something different in the album is the acoustic based song “Betrayal” which sets the softer tone for the record, acting almost as a break for the fans showing darker, sombre notes and matching lyrics expressing expressive feelings of a personal nature.

Disconnect makes it difficult to pick particular tracks that you could consider obvious favourites, as there is something for everyone on this album. The entire album, constructed elegantly with explosive head banging tracks, industrial monsters, precision technical shredding and emotionally measured tracks throughout the album supported by the strong industrial backdrop for the album. This incredible album makes for an easy album listening experience from start to finish, travelling through waves of variety, energy, intensity and imposing vocal deliverance that creates the intense listening experience.

Overall, this album has to be labelled as a distinctive listening experience with its diverse range of tracks and the strong quality of musicianship provided by all band members. An album that has finally been let loose on society and will be sure to do some damage to crowds around the world with the expected tour cycle to support the album. Now let us all make some noise for this album and get this band to Australia immediately!

Disconnect is out now via Agonia Records and you can pick up your copy HERE!