The Dark Element is a new musical project fronted by the former Nightwish vocalist Anette Olzon together with Finnish guitarist and songwriter Jani Liimatainen.  Since word of this project got out, fans have been frothing at the mouth with anticipation for its arrival.  The day is finally here and The Dark Element has been released!

As of this writing, the album is currently #2 and #15, respectively, on the iTunes U.S. Metal and Rock Charts, #4 on Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Chart (digital), #18 on Amazon’s Hard Rock & Metal Chart (physical), and #21 on Amazon’s Rock Chart (digital).

The Dark Element has received global critical acclaim:

“…On The Dark Element the pair channel the power and melodrama of their former bands while doing away with orchestral complexity in favour of effervescent synths.”

-Team Rock


“The Dark Element’s debut is an entertaining, satisfying, and formidable one.”

-Danger Dog Music Reviews


“The Dark Element is a masterpiece of well-crafted artistic performance.

-Yesterdaze News


The Dark Element is a monster of an album and will immediately make a huge impact in the metal world and yes, bands should be worried.

-Shockwave Magazine


For those fans that appreciate the whole career of Anette Olzon so far will find it all plucked from history and laid before you on an album that showcases the best of her talent backed by Cain’s Offering and the talented Jani Liimatainen. Olzon’s voice is infectious and ranks among one of music’s finest. The Dark Element should attract fans from across the span of symphonic metal, hard rock, rock and pop.

-Crom Metal