Many may say Friday’s are for grooving and a boogie, and tonight’s acts definitely fit that category. With a new single out call ‘How To Operate’ The Brightside were playing host to Osaka Punch in all of their glory. With the venue filling quickly to watch the four bands play tonight, the first band up was He Danced Ivy.

He Danced Ivy showed how well they fit the bill with a similar vibe to both Osaka Punch, Primus and Twelve Foot Ninja, bringing the bass driven riffs alongside the many interpretive dance moves from front man Dave including his signature space bun wiggle! Grooving along for the half an hour given to them, they captured the audience’s attention from the first song through to the last with all four members contributing their vocals both separately and together.

With their movement on stage matching what was below them, the band pushed through their songs with Dave climbing the amp on stage left during the last song. If you’ve never seen this band before in Brisbane, give them a moment of your time and you’ll not regret it!

With a future tour on the horizon supporting The Butterfly Effect and Osaka Punch, this tour felt like a warm up for Rival Fire. With a very classic rock sound and look, the band (hailing from Melbourne) electrified the room with their old and new music. With their new album called War, the band performed some songs from that album and garnered a great reaction from the crowd. Having seen the band perform tonight it has kept me excited for the upcoming Butterfly Effect tour next year as Rival Fire hold a support slot. Amping up the volume they propelled through their set with the crowd within the Brightside singing back at them.

The third band of the night was an interesting choice due to being an instrumental band, but nonetheless Majora opened up a whirlwind of instrumental prog-rock and kept the excitement moving throughout the venue. Although no one was singing, it helped the crowd focus on the musical talent from members Joseph Pascoe (Guitar), Jared Phillips (Guitar), Christopher Hoole (Bass/Samples) and Kirk Hamilton (Drums). With an eerie but post atmospheric vibe running through their 40 minute set, the group of four set the crowd up for what would be waiting for them; Osaka Punch.

With the lights going out, the cheers grew louder in the room as the anticipation was already quite high. With a full hour to groove along, Osaka Punch stuck an adrenaline needle in the arm of everybody in the room (figuratively speaking, not literally) and brought the boogie from the stage to the floor. Opening with ‘Eat Red Carpet’ and ‘Served With Mustard’ the band showed that they’ve progressed quickly in their career and will continue to do so next year being the main support for The Butterfly Effect whom are reuniting the original line up.

With a vibe like Mr Bungle/ Twelve Foot Ninja/Primus but with a hit of comedy behind it, the band is on a good path to excel further than most. With the infectious smile of Jack Muzak fronting the stage for the hour you couldn’t not dance along to their old hits like ‘Actibreeze’ and ‘Make The Call’ and their new lead single (which they’re on tour for) ‘How We Operate’ which got an excellent crowd response!

Like a train without brakes, Osaka Punch rolled through each song on their set list much to the excitement to the Brightside crowd, punching into ‘Eat you Up’, ‘Stonk’ and ‘Battleworm (Escapes From Doom)’ before eventually closing with ‘Electric Jam On Boogie.

If you’ve ever wanted to go see a band but they are playing the same night as a comedy act, why not give Osaka Punch a go. They cover both an impeccable live performance and a good laugh throughout their time on stage. With a unique sound only really propelled by Twelve Foot Ninja and Osaka Punch, the band is set to climb to new heights and bring in new fans who are fans of both comedy and a unparalleled live performance. I could’ve kept watching them for an hour longer if they played on longer and will be just as excited to see them perform in March with The Butterfly Effect on bigger stages.

Set List:

Eat Red Carpet

Served With Mustard

Make The Call


How We Operate


Eat You Up



Battleworm (Escapes From Doom)

Electric Jam On Boogie