Entheos, comprised of masterful musicians who cut their teeth in bands like Animals as Leaders, The Faceless, Scale the Summit, and Animosity, have released the video for “Inverted Earth (I)/Sunshift (II).”

The track will appear on their new album Dark Future, out now through Spinefarm Records.

The band has just embarked on a tour with Whitechapel, Carnifex, Rings of Saturn and So This is Suffering.


“A head-spinning, tech-death workout” —Revolver

“Invigorating” — Invisible Oranges

“Some of the most talented musicians in heavy metal right now” —Metal Injection

“The band clearly demonstrates their musicianship within Dark Future, showing how they’ve grown and improved” —New Noise

“Ablaze with crushing grooves, chugging blastbeats and intricate polyrhythms” —Team Rock